Heart Burglar

At first you were just another guy
An acquaintance, a simple drive by
Small talk and then its over
Never thought of anything further

I’d never fall again I was sure
Focus on my future that’s a blur
My heart I guard with heavy steel
I was so numb, I couldn’t feel

Love myself first without measure
Keep my walls up, always secure
Live by my rules, don’t go too far
Else my heart will be locked in a jar

Then we finally we met
I was caught off guard
With my life I bet
With you I fell hard

You complimented my hair that day
My cheeks went red what can I say
Didn’t understand what had transpired
Our eyes met and my heart was on fire

True it is that love does not warn
Fictitious it is that you can stop the heart
I’m tying you now with a magic yarn
So nothing can ever tear us apart

By now I know you aren’t just another guy
An acquaintance, a friend or a silly drive by
You’d be forever imprisioned in my mind
For stealing my heart is your greatest crime

-The Soliloquist

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Awesome Lad

What could you be doing?
Tonight, as the rain is pouring.
Have I crossed your mind today?
Did your day turn well? Was it gay?

Could you be lying in your bed?
Is the color of your shirt red?
Did you smile while you work?
Did a new plan made you smirk?

You look like a happy person
The reason do I have to mention?
That at pictures when you grin
Like the curve have always been

So I’ve heard that you were feeling lazy
I know there are days that drive us crazy
Rest if you must but dont you quit
I know you’re strong lad, do stay fit

You’ve always visited my mind since
You open up a story of a wonderful prince
Who have lost the princess of his dreams
It broke my heart that I wanted to scream

Thoughts of you in staggered times
Reach my mind so I write in rhymes
Do you think these words are meant for you?
Do you think its funny and awesome too?

Do you think of me too awesome lad?
You don’t have to answer, just stay glad.
I ammend you for being just the way you are
Your dreams are big, I’m sure you’ll go far

Smile awesome lad, don’t ever forget
Try and try so you’ll never regret
At the end of the day you’d lie in your bed
Happy and contended with your shirt that’s red

-The Soliloquist

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You Are My Happy Fairy Tale

Once in my sleep I dreamed a wish
I was a princess and you are my prince
With castles and dragons and ugly witches
With potions and spells and magic fences

Isn’t that too good to be true?
Isn’t this story too fairy taley beau?
Can you be the prince who’d save me?
A princess locked in tower of misery

Come prince, draw closer to me fast
My precious knight please run if you must
Don’t stop by anywhere the witch is nearby
She may cast you a spell thru a lullaby

The kiss that I sent through the wind
I hope may reach you my special friend
The wounds from your fight I will tend
The pieces of your heart I will mend

Like a long time ago in a far far away
Can you be that man that would save the day
Be the love that wont go away
Or again my heart will go astray

My sweet, I heard that true love
Doesn’t have a happy ending
Because it just does not end
Forever and ever it keeps burning

I’ve been told that it does not exist
Happy ever afters or brave princes
But in my dreams, without fail
You are my happy fairly tale

-The Soliloquist

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Everyone has a sad story to tell


Everyone has a sad story to tell
A rich businessman or vendors who sell
A fireman with burns and scars
It has healed but it left the marks

A little girl who have lost his dad
Who sang her songs as she go to bed
Or a mother who have lost a child
In her womb, the pain never go mild

A police who was solving a crime
Ran fast to catch the burglar in time
Yet he tripped and a truck hit him so bad
Head hit the gutter, he bled to his death

A doctor whose late for an on call surgery
Got nagged by a mother in blantant misery
“Why are you late, my daughter’s life at stake!”
Not knowing the doctor was from his son’s wake

Before we talk we ought to listen,
Before we listen our mind has to be open
Open our mouths only when we are certain
That no one gets hurt without sound reason

-The Soliloquist


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The darkness of the skies
Mirrors the sadness in my eyes
No single star to brighten the night
Even my friend moon is out of sight

I can’t fight back the tears
Wish I can talk to my peers
Waited for someone like you for years
Losing you is the greatest of my fears

I’m jealous of the girl who caught your eye
Even if you said its I who captured your heart
I hope what you made me believe isn’t a lie
You said she’s like a perfect piece of art

You told me “she’s so beautiful”
But then you only called me pretty
Yeah, I know she looks wonderful
Thus, the reason for this self-pity

As awful as you think it may seem
I’m weeping like a kid who lost his kite
You’re handsome, she’s pretty, you’d be a great team
Hindering your happiness is not any of my right

You’re dream girl, I’d never be her
She’s fair, gorgeous, talented and kind
The thought of it makes me say “grrr”
Losing you to her drives me out of my mind

I’m not usually the green-eyed monster
Who’d feel inadequate and cry in the dark
I have to pour this out for me to feel better
I’m drowning in tears I need Noah’s Ark

If you’d only leave me, you should not have said “hi”
And target my heart with an arrow like a dart
Do you have to tell me you admire her? Why?
Don’t you realize that would break my heart apart

I’m afraid someday you’d realize
That I’m not the type of girl you want for a wife
And the pretty girl that you idolize
Will be the one you’d love for the rest of your life

-The Soliloquist

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Happy Birthday Candice Mye Cagasan!

Can you spare me sometime busy lass?
As crazy as it seem I miss you so much
Not that it bothers me, I’m kinda used to it
Dis is me kidding, ahaha! alright I half meant it
It’s been sometime that we haven’t talked
Cupcake we need to catch up soon,
Eat, Drink, Laugh, do something fun like chase a baboon (HAHA!)

My dear friend I remember we have been so close
Your laughter is contagious, I miss the way you laugh at my jokes
Even if it is so corny as they it is, you burst with laughter, you’ve always been jolly

Can you spare me sometime ‘coz I miss you like crazy?
Awesome as you are I know your enjoying
Grant us our wish, Annabel Echavez is annoying
Ahaha! I laugh when she says your far beyond reach
She miss you too and a lot more of us, so please?
A happy birthday to the “DOY” of my life
Na na na Imagine me singing with a cake and knife

Doesnt that scare you, I know the thought is freaky
Oh my GHAAAD! Now let me make a wishy wishy
You stay beautiful and healthy and always happy!



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Happy Birthday Kuya Joshua!

Killing time with you I enjoy

U are an angel sent to guide us

Your radiance and cheerfulness is contagious

Always I pray that you stay happy and safe



Just be yourself, and you’d be loved

Often I miss you, your enthusiasm when you talk

Simply amazing that’s what you are

How I hope soon we’ll meet again and laugh for hours

U are the elder brother I wished for when I was younger

A Happy Birthday to you my Kuya Josh!

-The Soliloquist

A photo of Kuya Josh and his girlfriend Ate Adyl
A photo of Kuya Josh and his girlfriend Ate Adyl
Kuya, I love you.
Kuya, I love you.
HAHA! Uhmmm.. Because I love you.
HAHA! Uhmmm.. Because I love you.

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Happy Birthday William Po!

Will you be my friend?

Is it much to ask if i say smile gent?

Let go of yesterday’s hurt bit by bit

Let today be special, its yours, own it

I know it’s not easy when the bother is the heart

A convex curve in your lips may be a good start

May happiness stay with you, you deserve the best


Please stay awesome, thanks for watching over Joveth

Ohh to you I wish, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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