Happy Birthday Candice Mye Cagasan!

Can you spare me sometime busy lass?
As crazy as it seem I miss you so much
Not that it bothers me, I’m kinda used to it
Dis is me kidding, ahaha! alright I half meant it
It’s been sometime that we haven’t talked
Cupcake we need to catch up soon,
Eat, Drink, Laugh, do something fun like chase a baboon (HAHA!)

My dear friend I remember we have been so close
Your laughter is contagious, I miss the way you laugh at my jokes
Even if it is so corny as they it is, you burst with laughter, you’ve always been jolly

Can you spare me sometime ‘coz I miss you like crazy?
Awesome as you are I know your enjoying
Grant us our wish, Annabel Echavez is annoying
Ahaha! I laugh when she says your far beyond reach
She miss you too and a lot more of us, so please?
A happy birthday to the “DOY” of my life
Na na na Imagine me singing with a cake and knife

Doesnt that scare you, I know the thought is freaky
Oh my GHAAAD! Now let me make a wishy wishy
You stay beautiful and healthy and always happy!



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