The darkness of the skies
Mirrors the sadness in my eyes
No single star to brighten the night
Even my friend moon is out of sight

I can’t fight back the tears
Wish I can talk to my peers
Waited for someone like you for years
Losing you is the greatest of my fears

I’m jealous of the girl who caught your eye
Even if you said its I who captured your heart
I hope what you made me believe isn’t a lie
You said she’s like a perfect piece of art

You told me “she’s so beautiful”
But then you only called me pretty
Yeah, I know she looks wonderful
Thus, the reason for this self-pity

As awful as you think it may seem
I’m weeping like a kid who lost his kite
You’re handsome, she’s pretty, you’d be a great team
Hindering your happiness is not any of my right

You’re dream girl, I’d never be her
She’s fair, gorgeous, talented and kind
The thought of it makes me say “grrr”
Losing you to her drives me out of my mind

I’m not usually the green-eyed monster
Who’d feel inadequate and cry in the dark
I have to pour this out for me to feel better
I’m drowning in tears I need Noah’s Ark

If you’d only leave me, you should not have said “hi”
And target my heart with an arrow like a dart
Do you have to tell me you admire her? Why?
Don’t you realize that would break my heart apart

I’m afraid someday you’d realize
That I’m not the type of girl you want for a wife
And the pretty girl that you idolize
Will be the one you’d love for the rest of your life

-The Soliloquist

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