Untamed Heart

My heart is filled with thoughts of you
It’s crazy for I didn’t know that hearts have brains too
And mouth per say for it screams your name
Like an obsessive fan, my heart can’t be tamed

It beats steadily fast in a happy pace
I brought anti-arrhythmic drugs just in case
As crazy as it may seem I’m crazy about you
And I’m really happy for I know you feel the same way too

When I meet you I learned how to dream
I never wanted anything in this world so badly
Love struck and tongue tied when I saw you beam
Got so weak in my knees, I’m falling, please catch me

I’m such a fantasist that I can even imagine
Seeing you asleep when I wake up in the morning
Disturb you with kisses then you’ll wrap your arms around me
I giggle at the crazy thought that makes me happy

Wherever I GO, I won’t deny it you are all I see
Like a SIGN in the street, the BEACH or a FOOD in the pantry
And anything GREEN, or VIOLINS and PIANOS or even number FIVE
Or a happy hopeful love SONG that makes me want to JIVE

If I was a star then I might have already twinkle twinkle
If I were a puppy, seeing you will make my tail wiggle wiggle
But I’m just a silly girl with heart’s broken pieces I was trying to find
Think you found it all, made it whole, captured it when you called me mine

This is such a silly poem that I’m scribbling
Just want you to know that giving you all my love I’m willing
I’m mad, I’m insane, I’m in trance, I’m in love,  this is your fault!
HAHA! But I’m really glad you had my heart locked in your vault.

My heart is yours and only yours to hold and keep
Bury it, throw it, smash or pulverize it, still for you it will beat
Like a mirror that even if you’ll keep breaking
When you sneak a peek, still it’s your reflection you’ll be seeing.

-The Soliloquist

Click Here to view a Poem in Photos Version of this composition. 


Photo from http://fc09.deviantart.net
Photo from http://fc09.deviantart.net

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