Happiness is A Choice

Would you rather be a wise lonely person
Or would you take risks and be a happy fool?
Well, others might question your sense of reason
And all you can do is maintain your cool.

A witty person will choose what’s rational
A foolish one refuses to be emotional
So would you do the right thing?
Or would you take into consideration the happy feeling?

This is what a smart guy will say
I have done the right thing at the end of the day
But a glee fool will declare
If it makes me happy, then I don’t care.

In financial matters a righteous man will think
Is this worth the price I pay?
However the gay injudicious man will decide in a blink
If it brings me joy, I’ll buy it anyway. =)

In terms of relationships, a wise person will demand
You have to prove your worth, my wish be your command
But a happy fool is easy to please
Let’s have a drink and enjoy the day with ease

At times your mind will play the gloomy wise’s script
And bug you with thoughts that’ll make you doubt in a whip
Some days you’ll find yourself overthinking about the future
That you have taken for granted the present which what really matter.

The future is not a horror movie to be scared of
It is a mystery that is yet to be discovered
And the past hurts have passed, it’s over and done
So don’t be scared to fall in love and have fun.

Don’t hesitate to run after your dreams
It could make you cry and let out a loud scream
But you should know when to quit – when the limit you’ve exceed
Because failure is only when you stop trying to succeed.

Never let your bad experiences cripple your legs nor cloud your judgment
Life is not always fair – this you have to accept without sentiment
But not to the point of letting pass life’s great opportunities
For every shot you toss in the trash is wasted happiness you’ll never gonna take back.

Everyday we are faced with decisions we have to make
Most of the time we are confused on which road to take
Hakuna Matata, whichever path you travel will lead you somewhere
Just keep moving forward, no one has really prepared for what one is not aware.

And at the end of the day it doesn’t matter
What others would think sooner or later
Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches
And no one can blame you for making your best choices.

-The Soliloquist

Click here to read what inspired this composition.

Photo from http://www.peoplepolarity.com
Photo from http://www.peoplepolarity.com

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