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Happiness Matters


Happy Fourth of July everyone! Celebrate your happiness! Celebrate your freedom!

-The Soliloquist

First of July


It’s a first of the month, a lot of people will then be saying “July, please be good to me!” Like the month itself had any power to make it unpleasant. Hahahaha!

Ladies and Gents, how you’d live your July will totally depend upon you. So, do what makes you happy because life is short. We just can’t have room for negativity in our lives. Tend your happiness.

The Soliloquist

If You Love Someone, Let Go

Have you loved someone so much
That you tied your strings so attached
Gripped so hard, not even thin air can pass
You pray everyday that forever you’ll last

How many relationships did you give up?
Old friends you’ve refused to meet up
Siblings or cousins you say you miss
But you forget them with love’s single kiss

Potential relationships that might have bloom
You prevented from flourishing for you feel doom
Jealous and frightened that you might lose
Your sweetheart who add color to your heart’s hues

Things in life that previously made him smile
Like dancing or writing or website design
Did you support him on those things he loved
Made him feel you got his back, cheer him up?

Those seacrifices he is willing to make
For him to prove his love for you isn’t fake
He’d rather not do things that will make you upset
Not realizing giving up happiness will cause regret

Appreciate him for the things he’s good at
Not everyone has a gift on this or that
May it be beat box or making silly noises
Editing pictures with your faces’ cute poses

Learn to grove that can be fun with him
Fly a kite or play his games on a whim
Make songs that together you can sing
Be each other’s wind beneath wings

Enable each other’s desires and goals
Don’t tie him up with a leash in his soul
As ideal as it is, you can make it happen
Support him of the things he love doing

If he play with his friends or drink to socialize
Allow him to breathe, allow yourself to realize
That you are his love, his partner not his world
Give each other space to grow, live and whirl

If you truly love someone then let them go
Not to mean that relationship that took effort to grow
I intend, you let him do the things that makes him glow
Love him selflessly, make him Whoa Wow Woe!

-The Soliloquist

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10 Commandments for Happy Relationships

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Awesome Lad

What could you be doing?
Tonight, as the rain is pouring.
Have I crossed your mind today?
Did your day turn well? Was it gay?

Could you be lying in your bed?
Is the color of your shirt red?
Did you smile while you work?
Did a new plan made you smirk?

You look like a happy person
The reason do I have to mention?
That at pictures when you grin
Like the curve have always been

So I’ve heard that you were feeling lazy
I know there are days that drive us crazy
Rest if you must but dont you quit
I know you’re strong lad, do stay fit

You’ve always visited my mind since
You open up a story of a wonderful prince
Who have lost the princess of his dreams
It broke my heart that I wanted to scream

Thoughts of you in staggered times
Reach my mind so I write in rhymes
Do you think these words are meant for you?
Do you think its funny and awesome too?

Do you think of me too awesome lad?
You don’t have to answer, just stay glad.
I ammend you for being just the way you are
Your dreams are big, I’m sure you’ll go far

Smile awesome lad, don’t ever forget
Try and try so you’ll never regret
At the end of the day you’d lie in your bed
Happy and contended with your shirt that’s red

-The Soliloquist

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Prince From Far Far Away

I met a prince from far far away
In ways he know best, he makes my day
He is easy to miss and impossible to forget
Loving him with all of my heart I will never regret
This young man ran away from his kingdom
He had everything in the world except for freedom
He said he wanted to make his own choices
So his bag he packed and flew to places
Independence he sought and it is it he found
I realized 360 degrees his life turned around
I am definitely amazed how a pretty fortunate lad
Can have life’s simple things make him glad

Then I learned that his majesty’s heart is not yet whole
From its brokenness from not so long ago
Twas tortured by a silly princess who had taken its toll
She cheated on him so he decided to let her go

He have known from a friend that mine was broken twice
He was sorry and he said something really nice
If we believe in love it doesnt mean we are guillible
Its just that our happiness we love to enable

His plans I do not know and I cant dare ask
But with him my heart fell fast
He told me I am his dream and I cant seem to believe
That for me he shall return and never leave

And little does he know of how much I think of him
And how afraid I get when I think of losing him
How do I react when he tells me he misses me
It may seem Im ambitious but I do pray we are meant to be

He is to me a prince from far far away
And without him my heart will go astay
Because I believe him when he said I-L-Y
I can feel the butterflies in my tummy fly fly fly

It doesn’t matter how long Im willing to wait
They say its difficult but in us I have faith
Because I don’t need easy sweet Mr. I only need possible
And I’ve been told “love” makes impossible things possible


Hey “mine” here’s a poem
Add a tune it may become a song
It has been a while, yeah i know
I miss you and me, with our hi hellos

Got the messages you sent
Hoping all these you meant
For I heard had a few drinks
These made my cheeks turn pink-ish

Im kidding about the blush
My heart though was delighted much
You said “ask mine if she’s thinking of me
Because im always thinking about her”

Oh you always make me feel twitterpated
To my lucky stars I wish we are fated
And when you learned I didnt reply, you said
“Can you go to her workplace and ask her? please?”

The urgency of the question
Makes you a cute intriguing notion
Since day one you’ve been a fascination
I admit it now,  you are my inspiration

Thoughts of you always make me smile
May this love last longer than the river nile
When you said, “can you send my heart to mine?”
Everything in Joyee Land seem oh so fine.

Heard a vacation you’ll take in your girlfriend’s heart
“I like it there its full of love”
I received your kisses, lots of mwuah mwuah mwuah
When you call me “love” my heart goes uh la la

-The Soliloquist

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Untamed Heart

My heart is filled with thoughts of you
It’s crazy for I didn’t know that hearts have brains too
And mouth per say for it screams your name
Like an obsessive fan, my heart can’t be tamed

It beats steadily fast in a happy pace
I brought anti-arrhythmic drugs just in case
As crazy as it may seem I’m crazy about you
And I’m really happy for I know you feel the same way too

When I meet you I learned how to dream
I never wanted anything in this world so badly
Love struck and tongue tied when I saw you beam
Got so weak in my knees, I’m falling, please catch me

I’m such a fantasist that I can even imagine
Seeing you asleep when I wake up in the morning
Disturb you with kisses then you’ll wrap your arms around me
I giggle at the crazy thought that makes me happy

Wherever I GO, I won’t deny it you are all I see
Like a SIGN in the street, the BEACH or a FOOD in the pantry
And anything GREEN, or VIOLINS and PIANOS or even number FIVE
Or a happy hopeful love SONG that makes me want to JIVE

If I was a star then I might have already twinkle twinkle
If I were a puppy, seeing you will make my tail wiggle wiggle
But I’m just a silly girl with heart’s broken pieces I was trying to find
Think you found it all, made it whole, captured it when you called me mine

This is such a silly poem that I’m scribbling
Just want you to know that giving you all my love I’m willing
I’m mad, I’m insane, I’m in trance, I’m in love,  this is your fault!
HAHA! But I’m really glad you had my heart locked in your vault.

My heart is yours and only yours to hold and keep
Bury it, throw it, smash or pulverize it, still for you it will beat
Like a mirror that even if you’ll keep breaking
When you sneak a peek, still it’s your reflection you’ll be seeing.

-The Soliloquist

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Behind the Poem: Happiness is A Choice

What inspired me to write this poem (Happiness is a Choice)
Is a guy who made my heart ecstatic.
He made me really happy. He said I deserve to be.
He is so good to be true. At times I thought I didn’t deserve him.

But JC sent me someone to remind me that,
“Ask and you shall receive”.
A friend told me that “we decide for what we deserve.”
And that “JC is ready to give us life’s greatest treasures when we’re ready”

But that isn’t the only case.

The situation is difficult, like close to “impossible”.
And it hurts. That at some point I wanted to just give it up.
Let it go, watch it fly, because it aches to fool oneself.
To be lost in a daydream. To live in a fantasy.

I have told myself that this is temporary happiness
and I should wake up from this dreaming.
Because pursuing this is like travelling a road that I know is a dead end.
But I didn’t. Because I just CAN’T.

I want it. No matter how difficult or crazy it may seem.
I desire it. So I decided, I am not giving “us” up without a goddamn fight.
HAHA! And if worse gets worst, well. This gotta be WAR. Rawr!

To mister prince charming, tattoo this in your heart and mind:
We both know this. “Things are crazy.” But jeez, love is madness!
And it’s DIFFICULT. But we don’t need easy remember?
We only need POSSIBLE.

-The Soliloquist

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Happiness is A Choice

Would you rather be a wise lonely person
Or would you take risks and be a happy fool?
Well, others might question your sense of reason
And all you can do is maintain your cool.

A witty person will choose what’s rational
A foolish one refuses to be emotional
So would you do the right thing?
Or would you take into consideration the happy feeling?

This is what a smart guy will say
I have done the right thing at the end of the day
But a glee fool will declare
If it makes me happy, then I don’t care.

In financial matters a righteous man will think
Is this worth the price I pay?
However the gay injudicious man will decide in a blink
If it brings me joy, I’ll buy it anyway. =)

In terms of relationships, a wise person will demand
You have to prove your worth, my wish be your command
But a happy fool is easy to please
Let’s have a drink and enjoy the day with ease

At times your mind will play the gloomy wise’s script
And bug you with thoughts that’ll make you doubt in a whip
Some days you’ll find yourself overthinking about the future
That you have taken for granted the present which what really matter.

The future is not a horror movie to be scared of
It is a mystery that is yet to be discovered
And the past hurts have passed, it’s over and done
So don’t be scared to fall in love and have fun.

Don’t hesitate to run after your dreams
It could make you cry and let out a loud scream
But you should know when to quit – when the limit you’ve exceed
Because failure is only when you stop trying to succeed.

Never let your bad experiences cripple your legs nor cloud your judgment
Life is not always fair – this you have to accept without sentiment
But not to the point of letting pass life’s great opportunities
For every shot you toss in the trash is wasted happiness you’ll never gonna take back.

Everyday we are faced with decisions we have to make
Most of the time we are confused on which road to take
Hakuna Matata, whichever path you travel will lead you somewhere
Just keep moving forward, no one has really prepared for what one is not aware.

And at the end of the day it doesn’t matter
What others would think sooner or later
Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches
And no one can blame you for making your best choices.

-The Soliloquist

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