Heart Burglar

At first you were just another guy
An acquaintance, a simple drive by
Small talk and then its over
Never thought of anything further

I’d never fall again I was sure
Focus on my future that’s a blur
My heart I guard with heavy steel
I was so numb, I couldn’t feel

Love myself first without measure
Keep my walls up, always secure
Live by my rules, don’t go too far
Else my heart will be locked in a jar

Then we finally we met
I was caught off guard
With my life I bet
With you I fell hard

You complimented my hair that day
My cheeks went red what can I say
Didn’t understand what had transpired
Our eyes met and my heart was on fire

True it is that love does not warn
Fictitious it is that you can stop the heart
I’m tying you now with a magic yarn
So nothing can ever tear us apart

By now I know you aren’t just another guy
An acquaintance, a friend or a silly drive by
You’d be forever imprisioned in my mind
For stealing my heart is your greatest crime

-The Soliloquist

Photo from http://3.bp.blogspot.com

6 thoughts on “Heart Burglar

      1. Wow. Thank you. That’s so cool to hear. This blog is very painful and difficult for me because its real, it’s my life and I write to excise the pain for myself. I write usually on my iPad or cell phone and don’t get to proof read it much, I’m never very proud of any of it except that it gets out of me. It really made me happy to read your comment thank you.


      2. Wow! Knowing this is your life makes this even more exciting. Not that I am taking it for entertainment. okay, it is entertaining and mysterious. XD It is full emotions which definitely draw readers into it. I have wondered of how in great pain you must have been to be able to write such. Reading your posts though, makes me feel normal and human. It is my pleasure to come across with you. I was jumping in joy at work due to a compliment “primalnights” left in my blog, my workmates were like “okay”. HAHA!


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