Note to Self: I Love Myself First

I am me.
I can change.
I will change.
But I will always be me.
I won’t be someone I am not.
To impress or to please.
To do things for show.
I won’t pretend because I love being myself.

No one else can be me,
If I chose to be someone else,
Who will do my part of the play?
My name the world may not remember,
My face so common people will mistaken for another
An ordinary human who only knows how to
Love, hope, laugh and dream,
Whatever may become of me,
it is best that I will be myself.

Loving oneself is essential to be loved.
If I’d say I love others more than I love myself.
I’d call myself a liar. One cannot give what one does not have.
I’d understand if one will claim one selfless because one is generous.
But isn’t ones generosity is brought about by ones love for self?
The feeling of giving and making others smile and happy,

the sound of a sincere “thank you” and the sight tears of joy,
doesn’t it bring one pleasure? It does, doesn’t it?
I may be to naive to talk to you about what real love is.
However, I’m quite sure and I declare.
One ought to love oneself first.
One ought to love oneself best.

My insanity I accept. I have mistaken.
I will go wrong again. I will forgive myself.
Be responsible with my actions. I will be honest.
I’m imperfect. Everyone is.
My flaws I will correct. My weakness I will strengthen.
If unable, I’ll still manage. I will accept things I cannot change.
My strenghts I will be make use. I will strive for improvement everyday.
In one way or another, I will remind myself that I am wonderful.
I am unique. I deserve an applause. I am loved.
Because I love myself first.

-The Soliloquist

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When I Heard You Are Coming Back Home

The time I heard you were coming back home,

My heart skipped a beat, Wait. 2 beats. Fine.

Make it 3. Lubb-Dubb-Dubb. Beats-For-You.


I smiled. Then I realized I’d be seeing you.

Hey, is this true? Is it a crazy prank?

Joy rushed through my veins, going to my heart.


Then I forced the thought away. Away.

I do not want to expect. Yet I can’t not believe it.

It’s too good to be ignored. My face felt warm.


Can I be happy now? Or should i be scared?

What will I wear? Should I buy you a gift?

Will you hug or kiss me? Will you like me still?


The thought of it lingered on my mind since.

The rewinds of that moment I’ve always been imagining,

Kept spinning in my head, like a broken record.



-The Soliloquist

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If You Love Someone, Let Go

Have you loved someone so much
That you tied your strings so attached
Gripped so hard, not even thin air can pass
You pray everyday that forever you’ll last

How many relationships did you give up?
Old friends you’ve refused to meet up
Siblings or cousins you say you miss
But you forget them with love’s single kiss

Potential relationships that might have bloom
You prevented from flourishing for you feel doom
Jealous and frightened that you might lose
Your sweetheart who add color to your heart’s hues

Things in life that previously made him smile
Like dancing or writing or website design
Did you support him on those things he loved
Made him feel you got his back, cheer him up?

Those seacrifices he is willing to make
For him to prove his love for you isn’t fake
He’d rather not do things that will make you upset
Not realizing giving up happiness will cause regret

Appreciate him for the things he’s good at
Not everyone has a gift on this or that
May it be beat box or making silly noises
Editing pictures with your faces’ cute poses

Learn to grove that can be fun with him
Fly a kite or play his games on a whim
Make songs that together you can sing
Be each other’s wind beneath wings

Enable each other’s desires and goals
Don’t tie him up with a leash in his soul
As ideal as it is, you can make it happen
Support him of the things he love doing

If he play with his friends or drink to socialize
Allow him to breathe, allow yourself to realize
That you are his love, his partner not his world
Give each other space to grow, live and whirl

If you truly love someone then let them go
Not to mean that relationship that took effort to grow
I intend, you let him do the things that makes him glow
Love him selflessly, make him Whoa Wow Woe!

-The Soliloquist

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10 Commandments for Happy Relationships

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Requiting Your Love Is Only A Maybe

I do not intend to make you fall
Tried to be just a flower in the wall
Avoided clothes that will make one notice
A face like mine in a crowded office

But just in case I made you think
That you can get me by a wink
That with sweet lines I will believe
Or if attention will cause me relief

I’m afraid you got it all wrong
My heart is guarded with hard stone
I had it smashed again and again
So guillible, might even fall for an alien

Enough with romance and happy endings
More than once I thought that was happening
Yet now I know reality can be so cruel
I did not expect myself to be such a fool

I choose not to be stupid or risk it on the line
My heart I’d rather drown with liquor or cheap wine
If it means giving up happiness I’ll find other ways
To be happy about simple things in ordinary days

You might have come in an imperfect time
When I try to express hurt through rhymes
You might have fallen for my sweet smile
That you never thought behind it was a crime

A crime that someone I never thought will do
Lies and pretense I thought were all true
I do not want to believe on tales of love
I’ll let dreams and wishes fly like a dove

I safeguard myself from the possibility of falling
I choose not to give any guy that special feeling
Because I desire to be happy and be whole
Never want someone to be just a patch of a hole

If my friendliness you interpret wrongly
If my cheerfulness made you’re days lively
I hope you can accept my heartfelt sorry
Because requiting your love is only a maybe

-The Soliloquist

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Note to Self: Buy the Freaking Ear-Blowing Alarm Clock that doesn’t have a snooze option!

You are late! AGAIN!

I know how much you love the fantasies in dreamland. The softness of the pillow in your head that makes you feel like you’re sleeping in the clouds. The cozy air from the miraculous air-conditioner that even you are living in the tropical country it feels like snow is about to fall. The soft blanket that gives you the comfort warmness. Even those are part of your dreams! Your bed isn’t soft at all! Your room smell like your dogs! You are perspiring because the mechanical fan had been turned off or maybe you have not turned it on at all! For sanity’s sake, you know nothing about the freezing temperature in countries with snowfall. Mind on facts darling, you know you can’t sleep on clouds. Not unless you can hug fart! This is planet earth with humans. Not dragonball Z.

Admit it. You are a heavy sleeper. Yeah, that despite all the odds of temperature, location, noise or time, you can fall asleep as soundly as a baby from a stressful labor. You are sleeping beauty without a prince who’ll kiss you awake. That even if you have been awakened several times by 5 different people and 2 dogs, you forcibly open your eyes only to close it again. I pity the phone alarm clock that you have to set 3 hours from your scheduled start time at work only to wake up after snooze give up reminding you to ” Wake Up Princess! This ain’t a fairytale!”

Do something. About you being a procrastinating idiot who thinks you have all the time in the world when you only set 1 lovely hour to prepare yourself. Which essentially includes bathing, applying all the tedious skin meds for your pretty eczema that will need lifetime maintenance, get dressed, breakfast. You set one hour. So manage it!

I am so tired of screaming at you through this text! So I. Will. Calmly. As gently. As. I. Can. Tell. You. To. Do. These. Things. See link below.

FIRST. [Audience. Cover your ears.]


Don’t turn your back on me, focus on this 6 Tips On How Not To Be Late, Again.

-The Soliloquist

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Note to Self: Tips On How Not To Be Late, Again

Yes you can call it “the sequel.”

Being on time is a way to determine how you respect other people’s time. It may be, for work, school, meetings with friends, colleagues or relatives, new potential relationships.

Every year, on New Year’s Eve. You promise incorporate in your New Year’s Resolution, Not to be late. It may be FIRST on your list with few other repeated self-improving self-imposed rules or resolutions that you never ever give up. That’s the spirit. Never give up. But you never need to give that one up if you only have already resolved it.

After all the times that I closed my eyes, shut my mouth and open my mind to all the possible excuses you came up with, after all the broken self-imposed promises, now, I’m all in. You have a serious TARDINESS DISORDER that you have to work on. It’s about time for a specific hardcore action plan. Help Yourself!

1. Buy the Freaking Ear-Blowing Alarm Clock that doesn’t have a snooze option!  One that you can’t abuse the snooze option because there isn’t any. THE alarm clock, not AN. Oh! You already have one. USE IT! Make it the specific alarm system that you obey. You can give it a name. Make it your boss. Respect “THE” alarm clock. Wake up when it calls you. You shouldn’t expect people to wake you up all the time, you have to be responsible with yourself, your time. Other people, they, can help you. But you ought to help yourself first. Save them the headache.

2. Phrase it positively. Instead of saying, don’t be late. Say, Be early! It is always better to be too early than being a little late. That way you will be able to use your time on other worthwhile means. You can study for a new lesson or review on recursive materials or study for today’s quizzes, check unread emails, text or call friends you have not been in touch with for so long. You can also read a book you want to finish a bit sooner or meet a new friend, watch a movie or write an article. There are pretty much a lot of things you can use your time with when you are awake. Live your life! You can get so much sleep when your six feet below the ground.

3. Consider the traffic. If you live far away from your school, workplace or perhaps, civilization, you must bear in mind the possibilities. Accidents, religious events, band practices, funeral walks, parades. You can add to that, a public ride driver who seem to stop every time he sees a human being on the sidewalk even if that person is obviously just waiting for his chance to cross the street, not for a ride. You can add to that a full elevator that seem to stop at every floor of the building or the staircase crammed with people who bump like ants because they don’t know or apply the “Keep Right” rule.

4. Prepare your things ahead of time. Think AHEAD. Women are known to be creatures of process. We try and try and until we succeed getting the look that may be satisfactory for the day. Dates, meetings with friends, movies with colleagues, shopping with workmates, school or even work. It would save you ample energy and time when you’ve already mixed and match your clothes, iron and prepare them days or even before you retire to bed. Take pictures of clothes that you think will go along, clean your shoes and get the laces on those holes for sanity’s sake, have your purse ready with the things you will need, especially if you have to switch bags.

5. Give yourself enough time to prepare. If the usual 1 hour doesn’t work, make it 2. If you need for time to sleep, then you have to control your pace. Everything is a matter of time management. If you dilly-dally and admire yourself so much in the mirror like a Sim learning a charismatic skill, girl, you are in a lot of trouble. Do that when you have ample time! If you need to, remove that mirror on the bathroom. If you are unable to prepare your things ahead of time, well, you have taken for granted tip number 4. Making you unprepared which requires you to increase your preparation time.

6. No considerations. No excuses. When the time you set to prepare is up, even if your hair is uncombed, or your shoelace untied, or your buttons not done, okay that’s way too far, you have to keep your ass moving. If you have a feeling you’d really be late, you have the option to take the cab if you don’t own a car but even those things will not prevent you from being late. If you don’t discipline yourself enough, you will repeatedly be frustrated. Save yourself the wrinkles.

Attendance is MUST and it’s important to adhere to schedule. It’s shows how much you value the importance of those that you enjoy and have- a good paying job or a loyal friend you plan to meet. If you’d be late, you will miss the opportunity to walk and appreciate the journey. You will not get the chance to small talk and exchange how are you’s with friends you might meet along your way. You might miss an important discussion, get salary deduction or prolong a promotion, worse, you might not even get one.

How much do you value those things that you currently have? How worthy are you of getting career advancements? How else can you help yourself manage your time? How do you feel if people don’t respect your time? It would matter on how long are you late, a minute is considerable than an hour. But it matters most, on why and if it can be prevented or if its in repeated irresponsible instance.

Knowing is easy. In doing, don’t be lazy.

-The Soliloquist

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