Awesome Lad

What could you be doing?
Tonight, as the rain is pouring.
Have I crossed your mind today?
Did your day turn well? Was it gay?

Could you be lying in your bed?
Is the color of your shirt red?
Did you smile while you work?
Did a new plan made you smirk?

You look like a happy person
The reason do I have to mention?
That at pictures when you grin
Like the curve have always been

So I’ve heard that you were feeling lazy
I know there are days that drive us crazy
Rest if you must but dont you quit
I know you’re strong lad, do stay fit

You’ve always visited my mind since
You open up a story of a wonderful prince
Who have lost the princess of his dreams
It broke my heart that I wanted to scream

Thoughts of you in staggered times
Reach my mind so I write in rhymes
Do you think these words are meant for you?
Do you think its funny and awesome too?

Do you think of me too awesome lad?
You don’t have to answer, just stay glad.
I ammend you for being just the way you are
Your dreams are big, I’m sure you’ll go far

Smile awesome lad, don’t ever forget
Try and try so you’ll never regret
At the end of the day you’d lie in your bed
Happy and contended with your shirt that’s red

-The Soliloquist

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