Hey “mine” here’s a poem
Add a tune it may become a song
It has been a while, yeah i know
I miss you and me, with our hi hellos

Got the messages you sent
Hoping all these you meant
For I heard had a few drinks
These made my cheeks turn pink-ish

Im kidding about the blush
My heart though was delighted much
You said “ask mine if she’s thinking of me
Because im always thinking about her”

Oh you always make me feel twitterpated
To my lucky stars I wish we are fated
And when you learned I didnt reply, you said
“Can you go to her workplace and ask her? please?”

The urgency of the question
Makes you a cute intriguing notion
Since day one you’ve been a fascination
I admit it now,  you are my inspiration

Thoughts of you always make me smile
May this love last longer than the river nile
When you said, “can you send my heart to mine?”
Everything in Joyee Land seem oh so fine.

Heard a vacation you’ll take in your girlfriend’s heart
“I like it there its full of love”
I received your kisses, lots of mwuah mwuah mwuah
When you call me “love” my heart goes uh la la

-The Soliloquist

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