You are my mom. You are the best.
You are most beautiful among the rest
In your arms you’ve held me tight
Because of me, you lacked sleep at night

You read me stories that I really like
You cheered me up when I learned to bike
You cook the best dishes in the world
Your love is as pure as a pearl

You cried with me when I was heartbroken
I am beautiful, you kept reminding
Mama without you, I won’t be here
Dont ever leave me, please stay near

Papa have been such a lucky guy
A woman like you is hard to find
Your hair my turn gray you myt need a dye
You will be forgetful but I’d remind

That mama I love you with all of my heart
I’ll be here for you, nothing can tear us apart
Because my love is yours and yours is mine
When I know I have you, I know I’d be fine

-The Soliloquist

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