and Why I Love It

I did this little research asking how people pay their bills as I noticed some of my colleagues take a break in the middle of a workday to pay their bills.


I wonder if I might be able to help you guys buy some time and earn a little extra while doing so.

I used to pay mine thru SM Bills Payment center. But aside from being stuck in traffic, I also find myself splurging on other things I don’t need since I’m inside the mall and the possibilities to spend are limitless. Haha!

Since last year, when I was more home buddy when started working from home, I’ve been paying my bills online thru BDO Online banking. It is very convenient. It saves me time and money. Plus, less tendency to impulsive shopping.

But just this year I found a better alternative. (Shoutout to the manfriend for being tech-savvy and curious.)


I now pay thru and enjoying +100PHP for every 5 bills that I pay within the same week. (Thus, I schedule my bills on the same day.)

Aside from buying myself more time, it also makes me earn thru rebates.

Another usage of is buying prepaid load in few clicks and saves me the errand of going to “Aling Nena’s tindahan” just to buy it. Plus, getting 10% rebate for every load I buy thru

My sister and her friends enjoy this feature very much. I’m literally a text away with “Ate, Pa-load si Larlo 50 *inserts number* , Pay you later. Xoxo” load.PNG

Also, I transfer money to other banks without transaction fees for most banks or even thru bayad centers like Palawan, M Lhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier, etc.

coins cash out

1. Get 100% cash back up to 100 PHP for your first bill
2. Collect 50PHP referral bonus
3. Get up to 100% rebate up to 100PHP when you buy load for the very first time 1

What are you waiting for?

Register thru this link and get +50 on your account.


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