Worth the While


This walk is like a journey to the uncertain.
We never know whats going to happen next.
In fact, no one does.

Like all walks in life,
It’s not who comes first or last,
It’s not how long it takes,
Or how far it may be.

For at the end of all these,
It’s not the end that we’ll remember most.
The memories will mostly be about the journey.
Of how it started and progress..
Of how we get there..
Of happy we have been along the way..
Of how we endure the hurt..
Of how challenges were surpassed with smiles..
Of how love conquered it all.

We all work to get there.
But it’s journey over destination.
Sharing each others company is this adventure’s cherry on top.

With you, 
The worst days isn’t so bad.
The best scenery is nothing compared to your eyes
The walk will always be worth the while.


“Until the no’s becomes yes’, let’s continue celebrating the possibility of a maybe.”

-The Soliloquist

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