Short Hair Who Cares


Achievement Unlocked: SHORT HAIR

Arayty! Another item ticked off my Bucket List. God knows how much I’ve gathered courage to finally do this. I have been thinking about this for years, yes I am serious. I’m chickenshit when it comes to hair stuff, I’ve only tried medicine on my hair once, December 2013. Well that got my hair really brittle and damaged. One of the reasons I had convinced myself to cut it short. (Byebye, hairgoals! See you 3 years from now.)


Broken hearted? Hell no. Why will I cut my hair for some guy who cares less about what I do? I mean, ladies cutting your hair means change yes, but it’s futile when it’s against your desire. Well, maybe I cut it off for some guy. Like if it turns out good on me, then that’ll make him like me more. And if it doesn’t, at least I’d know if he’d still like me even if I’m not my usual pretty self. Hahaha! Kidding aside, I did it for me. Not necessarily for a change but perhaps to mark that yeah I’m ready to turn my life around. Pre-quarter life thoughts maybe? But did I tell you, I really like it at the moment I honestly don’t care how others see it. I’ll flaunt it anyway I like. Hahaha! Bitch mode.


And it’s crazy how much I’ve waited to finally do this. I had crazy self talks like, “C’mon darling, cut the damn thing short. If it doesn’t look okay, it’ll grow anyway. At least it’ll REMIND YOU THAT LIFE IS SHORT. (Like your hair, hahahahaha!) And when it grows beautifully, it’ll SHOW YOU  HOW GREAT THINGS TAKES TIME.”


Gathered that courage for years, that self talk course that didn’t work until this month. My mom had


agreed to the notion. She debated and hated the idea years back. I asked her why she finally gave in to it, she said she’s tired of arguing with me. Wow. She gets tired at that? Convince me. And I had asked my friends opinion about it too, some are very encouraging and thank you guys for that. And forgive the blabber. Hahahaha! Love y’all!


(With Mum and Sissy)

P.S. So. for ladies out there who are having second thoughts.. You’ll never know until you try. It’s worth it the experience, love. Go girl!


(I woke up like this. Hahahahha)

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