Spread Love Like Fire in Davao


Happy Christmas! It is delightful to see all the lovely family photos – after church, on a vacation, in their houses on their matchy-matchy jammies, red, greens, whites, formal and casual OOTDs. Photos of sumptuous feasts of all kinds of Filipino dishes are flooding my newsfeed and it warms my heart how many of my friends have these lovely Christmas dinners. And of course, the morning after Christmas eve when we laugh and feast on the leftovers while we nurse on our hangovers. SUCH AN AMUSING SCENE!

In this season of merry-making, gift giving, pigging out and simultaneous parties and feasts, I could not fathom the tragedy, helplessness and outrageous pain felt by our brothers and sisters in Davao. Unfortunate events forlorn many of our countrymen as the typhoon Vinta caused a major flood that caused many families to leave their humble homes and spend Christmas in gyms, schools and evacuation centers. But help was there, help is received and more help is on the way.
Then, just a day after this calamity, a violent fire caught the historic NCCC Mall. I could not put into words what had transpired that day. Dabawenyos fought hard that day, they remained resilient and hopeful. Many were saved, many survived, fortunately, many got back to their families loving arms and find comfort in their presence. Time will help heal the trauma these people experienced. But then.
Miserably, others didn’t make it. Numerous lives were lost. This tragedy caused 37 families grieve on Christmas Eve. It would have been red and green and colorful shirts they would wear and not black. They would have been wearing ear-to-ear smiles and not mourning pins. They would have been celebrating Christmas like a traditional Filipino family, sending greetings, videos, cards, and memes, sharing photos of their feasts and OOTDs. They would have been.

But the events outside our control cause many broken hearts. Let us all include the victims and their families and friends in our petitions. I wish there was a way we could help comfort these hearts. No fancy words we could say will take a scant of the pain they are feeling. We feel for our brothers and sisters because we know how it is to have someone and love them wholeheartedly. And we would not ever want to feel we’ve lost them forever.

In our humble ways to help comfort our brothers and sisters in Davao, we are knocking at your BIG, AMAZING HEARTS as people who would like to help our brothers and sisters who were forced out of their homes due to the flood.

My friends and I are doing small independent outreach activity on December 29, 2018, Friday. We start with what our tiny pockets can accommodate and accept donations from friends who are willing to do the same.

Together, our little gestures can make a huge difference.

We are accepting alms in cash and in-kind and in service.
-Canned Goods
-Plastic Cups
-Medicine and Vitamins
-Snacks, Biscuits, Coffee, Milk

We will greatly appreciate if you can donate your preloved stuff you don’t use and won’t miss.
-Clothes (Old but presentable)
-Old Plates, Glasses, Utensils
-Things that can be used still


For donations, feel free to contact me Carla Joyce Aberion (Cebu) and Wensley Sablay (Davao) Via Facebook Messenger
Or Text us thru our mobile numbers
Carla – 0923 266 6718
Wensley – 0998 010 8632

Spreading Love,
Your Friends

We’ll keep you on the loop for future events, Like us on Facebook

Spread Love Like Fire

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Why I Dislike Working in Upwork

Imagine this, I took a job for $6 (The job posting says the job is easy and will take only a few minutes for a week. I was after increasing my job success rate so I gave it a go. But then after I took the job for a few days, I realized it took more a few hours a day for 2 weeks)

upwork job post

And it’s a fixed rate of $6. Upwork gets a 20% cut, so that’s $4.80. When I was doing an $800 job, my pay after the fees go down to $640. Imagine that. Highway robbery! To think the job postings are not even beginner friendly.

Clients look for high rating freelancers, with 90% success rate that is not even easy to earn. But sadly the rates are even so low (because we are Filipinos or Indians or whatever). They want premium quality output but not even willing to pay for a stellar job!

So yeah, here’s the biggest catch. When I was about to claim my $4.80 ($6 with 20% cut) from Upwork. This happened. Paypal would take $2 for the transaction and I was like, Wait, WHAT? It’s my first time taking a project-based or fixed rate work. This $2 fee from PayPal works for $200 pay. But $4.80? Are you serious, Upwork / Paypal ?


Imagine $6 (minus 20%) becomes $4.80 (minus Paypal transaction fee of $2) = $2.80

$2.80 is what’s left of my pay for a job that took over 15 hours to finish.


Someday, there will be an amazing freelancing platform that is friendly for Filipino Freelancers, without this 20% cut, and without charging remote clients hefty fees to post a job!

When self talk get silly,

Carla Aberion| Content Marketer | The Soliloquist

Coins.ph and Why I Love It

I did this little research asking how people pay their bills as I noticed some of my colleagues take a break in the middle of a workday to pay their bills.


I wonder if I might be able to help you guys buy some time and earn a little extra while doing so.

I used to pay mine thru SM Bills Payment center. But aside from being stuck in traffic, I also find myself splurging on other things I don’t need since I’m inside the mall and the possibilities to spend are limitless. Haha!

Since last year, when I was more home buddy when started working from home, I’ve been paying my bills online thru BDO Online banking. It is very convenient. It saves me time and money. Plus, less tendency to impulsive shopping.

But just this year I found a better alternative. (Shoutout to the manfriend for being tech-savvy and curious.)


I now pay thru coins.ph and enjoying +100PHP for every 5 bills that I pay within the same week. (Thus, I schedule my bills on the same day.)

Aside from buying myself more time, it also makes me earn thru rebates.

Another usage of coins.ph is buying prepaid load in few clicks and saves me the errand of going to “Aling Nena’s tindahan” just to buy it. Plus, getting 10% rebate for every load I buy thru coins.ph.


My sister and her friends enjoy this feature very much. I’m literally a text away with “Ate, Pa-load si Larlo 50 *inserts number* , Pay you later. Xoxo”

coins.ph load.PNG

Also, I transfer money to other banks without transaction fees for most banks or even thru bayad centers like Palawan, M Lhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier, etc.



coins cash out

1. Get 100% cash back up to 100 PHP for your first bill
2. Collect 50PHP referral bonus
3. Get up to 100% rebate up to 100PHP when you buy load for the very first time



coins.ph 1

What are you waiting for?

Register thru this link https://coins.ph/m/join/tc8eyg and get +50 on your coins.ph account.


When self talk get silly,

Carla Aberion| Content Marketer | The Soliloquist

John “Setting Freelancers On Fire” Pagulayan


“Who is apparently the man who brought me back to life. Who reignited the fire in me when I thought all there are, are dead embers and ashes.”

I used to be so lost in my career path. I knew I want to work remote, but I didn’t know how to make it work. I was doing work that had no meaning, no purpose, no growth and no goals. I was demotivated and down-hearted.

I thought about working abroad and (finally) practicing my profession (which I never did yet because I don’t see myself doing it for long term) as I want to earn for my loved ones and future family. I considered that, knowing how much I hate the thought of being away, the thought of not being be there physically when needed, the thought of how short life is and not living it with the people I care for the most. Working abroad is just against my core desires. But because I was desperately looking for something that makes me feel fulfilled and making an impact on the world, I considered doing so.

“During my depression this year (self-diagnosed) I slept 10-14 hours a day to keep the bad thoughts away.”

Occasionally, I watch courses to learn something new and watch interviews of successful freelancers from Jason Dulay‘s podcast. I saw Charm Dizon there and many others not in FMM. That’s where I saw John R Pagulayan for the first time. I was amazed someone was earning that much in this industry. (He wasn’t open for mentorship that time, and I wasn’t ready to invest in myself.) I started following his page and profile for inspiration. I do that when I learn about a freelancer that I admire.

“Wishing someday, I would pick their brains and succeed too.”

Then, I went on sleeping 12-16 hours a day. Even with Upworks‘ time tracker, in the middle of work. I never came to work on time. My shift starts at 2 pm, I clock-in at 4 pm to 6 pm. I lost so much weight skipping meals because I’d rather sleep and keep the bad thoughts away. Data entry is a bitch. I felt so sorry for myself doing a no-brainer job where it doesn’t even matter if you do it well or not. But it paid me way better than the BPO company did so I did that for 10 months.

“This self-doubt and self-esteem issues cost me all my passions. I stopped baking, I shut myself off from friends as I’d rather really sleep and keep the anxiety attacks to a minimum. I felt anhedonic. Happy is an old friend who can’t seem to find his way back to me.”

Like Jonna and Mark David, I prayed so hard during those months of turmoil.

“God, please give me back my passions. Please reveal to me your purpose for my existence. I know your plans for me are the greatest desires of my heart.”

But why isn’t anything making me excited anymore? Nothing makes me happy anymore. I try so hard to because they say happiness is a choice. But is it?

For those who personally know me, you’d see me as an intense, happy, passionate, also dramatic and expressive and hungry for adventure and learning and love. I am the girl on “extremes. ” As I always allow myself to feel. Until one day, I felt nothing.

Fast forward to October, the Freelance Movement Masterclass happened to me. For the first time in forever, I felt excited about something again. Like what I used to feel with #bakingmondays, #joyeetriestobake, and #sosillyloquy. I get up earlier than my shift, I prepare for the day (when I used to just grab some food and eat on my desk), and watch the courses from the 24 masterclasses.

I felt excited about the bonuses, that’s the major reason I want to go all in. 7 phases of a 7 figure freelancing business, tools of the trade, Upwork hacks and ways to get direct clients, proposal templates and etc.

When I finished the 7 Phases of a 7 Figure Freelance Business, I was shook. I felt cheated. I was like, “that’s it?” I felt like I read a good book from Paulo Coelho but wait, what? 7,500PHP for this pep talk? Changing the mindset? What is to change I know I want to earn good money! Dafuq.

(Would also like to mention that I lost my Data Entry job 3 days after I enrolled at the course. Yeah, God moves in mysterious ways)

Lemme refresh you with the 7 Phases so I don’t sound overreacting. (Even if I really do.)

Phase 1: Find out who I want to work with
Phase 2: Learn or develop a skill that fits into my client’s model
Phase 3: Find my audience
Phase 4: Position my offer
Phase 5: Outreach
Phase 6: Be an authority
Phase 7: Sell my services

That didn’t make sense to me. I mean, like “duh? isn’t that what I’m doing?”
And true enough it wasn’t. *hides in shame*

But some things did make sense, I got myself an interview for a CEO of a business coaching company in Australia. I used #JTL‘s method of “come from a position of help.” And amazingly, I closed that client without having to show sample work or portfolio. I now work with that amazing company and I’m learning so many things about podcasting. It doesn’t get me the cut, I was earning better doing the data entry work but yeah, right now I am doing a work I believe in. Something that will create a big social impact to the world as the podcast is created with a purpose to inspire and get downtrodden entrepreneurs get back to the game. I will keep you posted about our launch early next year. Stay tuned!

Fast forward to the Freelance Movement Masterclass 30-Day Accountability Group. This wasn’t part of the offer. The offer was 24 masterclass, bonuses, and 2 webinars.

John, The Legend, due to some frustrating circumstances turned to be a blessing to 200 freelancers, decided to man a 30-day accountability group. It started with an intro, why you enrolled, what are your fears, what are you excited about and what’s your freelancing business. (Wait what? business? I work from home, it’s no business)

I read my classmates’ Intro (as it was part of the intro task to read and comment and engage to other comments) and I was shook (again but in a different way) to see the likes of Charm Dizon, for whom I knew from the interview is earning quite well in the industry. Then, there was this Liana Girl that did her intro so well, I felt in love. I stalked her website. It’s rad. I was like, this is my classmate? I must’ve been in a really good place here.

Then there were daily tasks to comply and BOOOOOOOOOOM!

This is when the 7 Phases To a 7 Figure Freelance Business made sense. BAAAAM!

I would write about the amazing, crazy, mind-blowing 30-day journey in a different post. But to sum it up,

I meet bad-ass mentors who will go out of their way to help you with your inquiries or perhaps just chat with you about your wildest dreams and actually, push you to do it. Hello Shoden San! Or talk with you over the phone for more than 2 hours about anything under the sun freelancing and listen to your filthy drama, Hello Carlo Mercado. It still feels weird to call you like my name. Then there is Pinky Anicete, and Toni Chan and Daise Virtuadazo and Allan Ngo and Nix Iniego and Jason Dulay and Aiza Cabilan and Mamu Liberty Baldovino who would comment on your post to reach out when you need something, share with you the exact tools they use for their business, give you recommendations and even record video tutorials on how to do it, Hello Pinky, #pinkween. Niel Riehcl who helped me with tech issues with Messenger Bot, Bottbott. Ms. Ice! The lady who I will never be, very calm (I’m so intense and impulsive eh) and put together.

But more importantly, helped me a lot in clarifying my goals, niche, and target market.

It was a lengthy discussion I feel really grateful for all the time spend giving insights as well as classmate Sergio.

Then, there’s my classmates, the #babylegends. My love tank is overflowing right now. I will write another post about your “awesomeness” guys but to sum this up. I now have a great network of #babylegends with me in my freelancing journey. I posted on my Facebook wall last night,

“The greatest thing about arguing with intelligent people, is whether you win or lose, whether you’ve proven a point or be advised against it, you always, always, get away with a better insight.”

I can be pretty impulsive and intense sometimes, thank you for keeping me grounded. I needed people who can be brutally honest with me about anything. Only my best friend and my mom can do that, and they don’t get any say or idea about the things I go through in this “off the charts” career path. So I am vehemently grateful to connect with you.

Let us do our best to maintain this community of like-minded, knowledge-hungry, passionate freelancers.

“You are the very people who keep me going. You keep my fire alive.”

I hope it stays that way forever.

And then, 30 days passed by like seconds. I was low on sleep averaging 3-4 hours a day, forgetting my meals but my heart is full of hope and inspiration. And my mind is now set to succeed. No more no-brainer jobs. No more sleeping in to stay away from the insecurity and self-doubt and self-pity. My mind is better than well. My heart is happy. Even with little sleep, I am energized. I am empowered. You know what they say, Scorpio girls are so intense we actually don’t need rest. But yeah, that’s quite an exaggeration. But true enough,

I am the Content Queen on Fire and John “The Legend” Pagulayan lit the match.

From the tip of my Pedipalp to my Telson, I thank you!

Carla Joyce Aberion

Content Marketer | Freelancer | FMM Baby Legend

I swear I’m ready to let this go



“I swear I’m ready to let this go,” (by the old gods and the new, LOL)

I had repeated this several times in my head the last few weeks that I was here. So when it was time to leave, I did as quickly as I can.

“Nah! No time for tears, I’ll be back anyway” (for exit interview. LOL) But as I was moving on, I find myself looking back. This is a great place I am deserting, I am happy here.

“But it’s time to fly.”

I went back as I must. It was the same place as I left it, same vibe, same scent, the familiarity haunted me. But one thing was different.

“I do not belong here anymore..”

I couldn’t fight back my tears. For the first time in a long while, I felt alone beyond solace. I didn’t understand why it felt as if a part of me was disintegrated.

“Perhaps it was the comfort, the warmth of what is known and secure that I was uncomfortable letting go.”

It felt as though there were little fragments that was a part of me for while, left me. I went for a walk, the long waiting hours served it’s purpose. Then suddenly, an epiphany. It was as though an angel whispered a reassurance from where it’s from or fairy  sprinkled some pixie dust.

“For whatever made me feel a little broken at that moment, built me. It strengthened my wings and renewed my spirit.”

Yes. I swear I am NOW ready to let this go,” (by the old gods and the new, hihi)

-The Soliloquist



Worth the While

This walk is like a journey to the uncertain.
We never know whats going to happen next.
In fact, no one does.

Like all walks in life,
It’s not who comes first or last,
It’s not how long it takes,
Or how far it may be.

For at the end of all these,
It’s not the end that we’ll remember most.
The memories will mostly be about the journey.
Of how it started and progress..
Of how we get there..
Of happy we have been along the way..
Of how we endure the hurt..
Of how challenges were surpassed with smiles..
Of how love conquered it all.

We all work to get there.
But it’s journey over destination.
Sharing each others company is this adventure’s cherry on top.

With you, 
The worst days isn’t so bad.
The best scenery is nothing compared to your eyes
The walk will always be worth the while.


“Until the no’s becomes yes’, let’s continue celebrating the possibility of a maybe.”

-The Soliloquist

Empty Chair

“The sight of seeing him leave was so dreadful that I couldn’t fight back my tears.

Little did I know that it’s
his empty chair,
his coffee mug,
his sweater, and
every song he used to play
that’ll haunt me everyday.

That the sting of seeing him walk away was no match to the pain his lovely memories never allowed me to forget.”

-The Soliloquist


Shattered Places

At some point of our lives, we experience a kind of terror unimaginable. A loss of a loved one, a calamity, an accident, a heart break, a volcanic eruption. It will not make sense at that moment. Your mind will be too forlorn to process any other emotions. There will be too many questions but not a single answer.

Dear, always remember that everytime you fall on your knees, you can always look up and pray. Or you don’t even have to look up at all. You don’t have to get up so quickly. You don’t have to unfeel the pain. You don’t have to stop the tears. You don’t have to be okay when it’s not okay. But you will have to believe in tomorrows. The way you trust the sun every morning. The way you know that even if the rainclouds are heavy, the stars do exist. You will get up. You will be surprised how unparalleled beauty can spring in places that once was shattered. How He does not take without replacing it with something far more beautiful.

-The Soliloquist


April 27, 2016
Sunken Cemetery, Camiguin Island. Philippines

Once Upon a Time, I Lived Happily Ever After

As a kid,
I believed in fairytales.
In Once Upon a Times
and Happily Ever Afters.

But after I got my knees bruised
And overcome puberty blues
I learned you can’t make good poetry
Without getting your heart abused.

(LOL! Bad poetry. Bad poetry. No wait, this isn’t even poetry. Just finish it, so you can shut it up. 😂😂😂)

But then I grew up,
So it’s Once upon a time,
I handed my heart over
To several wrong people
And that is okay
Because Once upon a time
I learned, I loved, I gave it my all
I fall, I failed, I was on my knees
But it wasn’t the end I know
I cried, I prayed, I still believed
That magic happens, unexpectedly
I got up, I continued despite,
I smiled, I tried
And licked my wounds in silence
I made a note to self
That if Once upon a time,
Handing your heart over
Doesn’t make feel like a princess
That is okay
He may not be your prince yet
And it matters less if he ever come along or find you first or find you at all
Because it is when you know your worth and love yourself first,
That you’d live happily ever after.

-The Soliloquist


Universal Studios Singapore

November 2015

Short Hair Who Cares


Achievement Unlocked: SHORT HAIR

Arayty! Another item ticked off my Bucket List. God knows how much I’ve gathered courage to finally do this. I have been thinking about this for years, yes I am serious. I’m chickenshit when it comes to hair stuff, I’ve only tried medicine on my hair once, December 2013. Well that got my hair really brittle and damaged. One of the reasons I had convinced myself to cut it short. (Byebye, hairgoals! See you 3 years from now.)


Broken hearted? Hell no. Why will I cut my hair for some guy who cares less about what I do? I mean, ladies cutting your hair means change yes, but it’s futile when it’s against your desire. Well, maybe I cut it off for some guy. Like if it turns out good on me, then that’ll make him like me more. And if it doesn’t, at least I’d know if he’d still like me even if I’m not my usual pretty self. Hahaha! Kidding aside, I did it for me. Not necessarily for a change but perhaps to mark that yeah I’m ready to turn my life around. Pre-quarter life thoughts maybe? But did I tell you, I really like it at the moment I honestly don’t care how others see it. I’ll flaunt it anyway I like. Hahaha! Bitch mode.


And it’s crazy how much I’ve waited to finally do this. I had crazy self talks like, “C’mon darling, cut the damn thing short. If it doesn’t look okay, it’ll grow anyway. At least it’ll REMIND YOU THAT LIFE IS SHORT. (Like your hair, hahahahaha!) And when it grows beautifully, it’ll SHOW YOU  HOW GREAT THINGS TAKES TIME.”


Gathered that courage for years, that self talk course that didn’t work until this month. My mom had


agreed to the notion. She debated and hated the idea years back. I asked her why she finally gave in to it, she said she’s tired of arguing with me. Wow. She gets tired at that? Convince me. And I had asked my friends opinion about it too, some are very encouraging and thank you guys for that. And forgive the blabber. Hahahaha! Love y’all!


(With Mum and Sissy)

P.S. So. for ladies out there who are having second thoughts.. You’ll never know until you try. It’s worth it the experience, love. Go girl!


(I woke up like this. Hahahahha)

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