Britney and her Cutie Patooties

Here are photos of our baby girl Britney, a mum at a very young age. Hahaha!

And her first litter of pups. Only have photos of 2 out of 4 though, Panther and Wion.



The infant, Panther.



Panther looking like a doll.


Like a baby lion, so I named him Wion.


-The Soliloquist

Few More Days: Jam Blancaflor

I had denied it for weeks. At days that it crossed my mind, I forced the thought away. Perhaps, I wasn’t ready yet. I wasn’t ready to lose you. As overly dramatic as it may sound, no one can change the fact that you are leaving. Maybe you can, but would you?

You had talked about resigning several months back, when you got seriously ill with dandy fever. I felt sorry for you that time, struggling with body malaise, loss of appetite and much of the emotional turmoil that one would normally feel given your situation. I felt bad about myself not being able to take care of you that time. One thing I am sorry about. I’m sorry, I should have been there more often than a visit.

Everytime you go home or call in sick, your absence in the office is felt. I don’t usually send SMS to people first but if you would remember me sending random “I miss you” and “when will you be back” brief messages then you know now that you will be missed.

A month ago, you told me you were resigning. Sensing the finality of your decision, I asked “why” though I already know the answer. Guess it helped me. I succeeded at fighting the urge of stopping you. It wouldn’t have made any difference. “At least I tried” wouldn’t even be worth the try, because there isn’t any chance of winning. No chance of making you stay.

Stop you? Silly thought. How could I, when I know I’d be doing the same if I were you. How could I, when even I feel sad about you leaving, I couldn’t deny that I am truly happy for you. You wouldn’t make a big decision like that without thinking about it the hundredth time. You wouldn’t be this excited about it if it won’t make you the truly happy. You wouldn’t let go of something great like this TWCBC family- the coolest supervisors, the wackiest teammates, the stress-reduced, cozy feel, light scope of support (not to mention I don’t have a point of comparison, LOL) , if not for something greater. Yep, biological family, not everyone is gifted with a great one. So we should take care of ours the best way possible. 

I understand how you feel about missing your family. I know because I couldn’t imagine leaving mine for that long, that far. Everytime you go home or talk about Aianah and you sisters, I can sense how much you wanted to live with them for good. No more count down as to your next visit home, no more plane ticket booking and wish I never had to leave airport dilemmas.  Hearing about your plans, especially that you never fail at sounding extremely giddy about it, makes me very excited for you too. I am thrilled as you are about to begin a new chapter of your life’s story as this current one is inevitably ending.  Hello to a whole new world of writing, entrepreneurship, baking and undying k-pop fandoms. 

Goodbye to avaya phones, graveyard shift, thank you for calling spiel, routinary lifestyle, irate and flirtatious callers, potential relationships, end of shift “wambats”, team building escapades. I think what you will miss most are the ordinary things. All the between call chatters, team lunches, wifi leeching at krispy creme, countdown to clock out time, holiday avail, mute button moments, forgot the mute button moments, hold the cx I can’t hold it anymore urinary urgencies, off the phone coaching and recursive, wrongly delivered spiels, mispronounced verbiage, kpop tools, unending fantasies, shut-up-I’m pissed left the chat/left the room dramas, breakfast dates, singing our hearts out till our lungs burst karaoke times. The initials not everyone could relate to -RTWs, QC, AHT, AR, QPB (can mean 2 things but both would make you sigh a good sigh.) The question that doesn’t start with a “W” you can’t survive a 9-hour shift without asking, “avail?”.  

As you are counting the days till you will finally get to be where your heart desires most, enjoy while it last. Guess we have reached the part where I’d have to say thank you- the main reason why I had taken time writing this. I wanted you to remember the great things you had the past years even before we met. So you may cherish the “now” that you have. Remember how beautiful you turned out to be with all the challenges you surpassed. Then one day, you’d look back, maybe read this again and recall that once upon a time, we met and you made an impact at Joyee and each and everyone of us forever.


I thank God for the opportunity of knowing you. Such a wonderful woman who is passionate about the things that she wants. The best thing about you is that you are true to yourself. You acknowledge your emotions despite what others may think of you. That is courageous. You are one of the strongest woman I know. You had lived by yourself. It wasn’t easy but you amazingly gone through all that. That is an item in my bucket list I never know if I’d ever fulfill. You are an inspiration. You are one of those people I looked up to back in training. At the back of my mind I used to say “she sound so well when she converse, it’s almost like it’s rehearsed.” Then I had hoped someday I’d be the same. Guess practice makes stubborn tongues tame. I will be looking forward to your compositions. I’d be waiting for that day when I will get the chance to taste your pastries. I’ll be liking your photo once you visit Seoul and comment “Finally. You get to kiss the land of your dreams. LOL.” No note about lovelife. Gaah! Fine. Just for the sake of it- when you are happy and you know it, just clap your hands. LOL. 

I love you JAM!

ourney to a new path her heart burns with passion

As she creatively write about Chanyeol and Baekhyun

May your wildest dreams come true in Seoul


Baby girl, Van and Oppa will miss you most of all

Loquacious in nature, this girl’s tongue is on fire

A few more days and she’ll be where her heart desires

Now and till we meet again, promise me you’d be happy

Chai, when the man comes who’d love you only

Alert me and Van thru an SMS or PM us in FB

For GenSan, we will fly for a wedding in cloud 9

Luhan will take care of you just fine

Oh Em Gee, I’m contaminated with jam-flu

Reckless dreamer, you’re in our hearts just like a tattoo

-The Soliloquist



Happy Birthday LALAINE

Lovely as a flower in its full bloom
Always her radiance is contagious
Laughter is inevitable when she’s in the room
Amazingly beautiful with a heart that’s courageous
I wish you happiness today till then on
No one should make you cry or i’ll kick their butts
End of rhyme but our friendship will forever last

I LOVE YOU LING! Hope you like it.

-The Soliloquist

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Requiting Your Love Is Only A Maybe

I do not intend to make you fall
Tried to be just a flower in the wall
Avoided clothes that will make one notice
A face like mine in a crowded office

But just in case I made you think
That you can get me by a wink
That with sweet lines I will believe
Or if attention will cause me relief

I’m afraid you got it all wrong
My heart is guarded with hard stone
I had it smashed again and again
So guillible, might even fall for an alien

Enough with romance and happy endings
More than once I thought that was happening
Yet now I know reality can be so cruel
I did not expect myself to be such a fool

I choose not to be stupid or risk it on the line
My heart I’d rather drown with liquor or cheap wine
If it means giving up happiness I’ll find other ways
To be happy about simple things in ordinary days

You might have come in an imperfect time
When I try to express hurt through rhymes
You might have fallen for my sweet smile
That you never thought behind it was a crime

A crime that someone I never thought will do
Lies and pretense I thought were all true
I do not want to believe on tales of love
I’ll let dreams and wishes fly like a dove

I safeguard myself from the possibility of falling
I choose not to give any guy that special feeling
Because I desire to be happy and be whole
Never want someone to be just a patch of a hole

If my friendliness you interpret wrongly
If my cheerfulness made you’re days lively
I hope you can accept my heartfelt sorry
Because requiting your love is only a maybe

-The Soliloquist

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A Message to My Friends Taking the Licensure Examination

Over a year ago, I have felt the anxiety that you are currently feeling right now. Twas dreadful, full of pressure, nerve-wrecking. I didn’t feel ready at all. It seemed like I knew nothing except the normal values of sodium, potassium and pH levels. I wish not to be asked about any nursing concepts, so I would not feel like an idiot who have, for several times stared blankly at my notes yet not able to get those information registered on the frontal lobe of my brain. I have felt guilty for all the times I could have studied but I didn’t. I wished I could turn back time so I may learn more than what I did.

But I knew very well that isn’t happening. That whatever how much I hope I’d have to fight that battle eventually. There’s no going back. I have to face it. And win it.

That isn’t something to be unhappy about, here are things that I hope could help you as you conquer this anxiety and win your battle.

1. Relax && Smile

RELAX Love. Breathe.

Inhale. Exhale.
Inhale. Exhale.
Inhale. Exhale.

Then SMILE. Despite the anxiety. Relax. Smile. You are not alone. Everyone is feeling the same way. Anxiety is contagious. So as much as possible attract positive energy through a smile. It will not only make you feel better, it will encourage others to do the same. No matter how wild your heart may be beating, SMILE. This is your day. This is your battle. Be your best self.

2. Cherish the Moment

All this will soon be over. The end is near. You will get to relax soon. Go to places you want to visit, meet friends, relatives and family members, watch series and movies you’ve been dying to see, music and food-trip all day and all night. You can shop clothes, shoes, drink till your hearts content, bake and cook new dishes and of course unlimited FACEBOOK and DOTA. As if you ever stop enjoying these things! *Chuckles My point is, all those things that you have given up if there ever was, you will get to enjoy them real soon. So cherish this moment for this isn’t everyday.

3. Trust Yourself.

Who else is going to believe you CAN if not yourself first? THOUGHTS turn to THINGS. So as you attract positive energy, make sure you contain it as well. Don’t let it slip away. Say it “I can do it. I will do my best. I know I can because I believe in ME!” We don’t get what we deserve. We get what we think we deserve. So turn your doubts into faith and your fears into prayers. Think of the things you want to come true then make it happen. We start making things happen the moment be believe WE CAN.

4. We are Here for You

During your big day, with all the anxiety and pressure, there is this tendency for you to think of all those people you want to be proud of you. Family, friends, significant others, relatives, batch-mates, your school- you want to make everyone you love proud. To many, this might be a motivation, an inspiration to do best. Yet to others, this might only add up to the pressure. Well, let me tell you this in behalf of everyone who truly cares and loves you. “We are already proud of you. Graduating college and all it took to accomplish that is indeed a very great job. We are here to support you as you fulfill your dream of being a licensed professional. We pray for your success because we know you deserve it. We have seen and known all your efforts. You can do it! We are with you in this Big Fight!”


God Bless You My Dear Friends!

The Big Day is about to come.

We will be praying for you!



-The Soliloquist

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Happy Birthday Candice Mye Cagasan!

Can you spare me sometime busy lass?
As crazy as it seem I miss you so much
Not that it bothers me, I’m kinda used to it
Dis is me kidding, ahaha! alright I half meant it
It’s been sometime that we haven’t talked
Cupcake we need to catch up soon,
Eat, Drink, Laugh, do something fun like chase a baboon (HAHA!)

My dear friend I remember we have been so close
Your laughter is contagious, I miss the way you laugh at my jokes
Even if it is so corny as they it is, you burst with laughter, you’ve always been jolly

Can you spare me sometime ‘coz I miss you like crazy?
Awesome as you are I know your enjoying
Grant us our wish, Annabel Echavez is annoying
Ahaha! I laugh when she says your far beyond reach
She miss you too and a lot more of us, so please?
A happy birthday to the “DOY” of my life
Na na na Imagine me singing with a cake and knife

Doesnt that scare you, I know the thought is freaky
Oh my GHAAAD! Now let me make a wishy wishy
You stay beautiful and healthy and always happy!



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Happy Birthday Kuya Joshua!

Killing time with you I enjoy

U are an angel sent to guide us

Your radiance and cheerfulness is contagious

Always I pray that you stay happy and safe



Just be yourself, and you’d be loved

Often I miss you, your enthusiasm when you talk

Simply amazing that’s what you are

How I hope soon we’ll meet again and laugh for hours

U are the elder brother I wished for when I was younger

A Happy Birthday to you my Kuya Josh!

-The Soliloquist

A photo of Kuya Josh and his girlfriend Ate Adyl
A photo of Kuya Josh and his girlfriend Ate Adyl
Kuya, I love you.
Kuya, I love you.
HAHA! Uhmmm.. Because I love you.
HAHA! Uhmmm.. Because I love you.

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Happy Birthday William Po!

Will you be my friend?

Is it much to ask if i say smile gent?

Let go of yesterday’s hurt bit by bit

Let today be special, its yours, own it

I know it’s not easy when the bother is the heart

A convex curve in your lips may be a good start

May happiness stay with you, you deserve the best


Please stay awesome, thanks for watching over Joveth

Ohh to you I wish, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Jesus Christ

Let this be the my First Blog

Wrote this from years past.

To God be the glory.


JC, my master and king

The reason why I’m here

He is my everything

There’s nothing that I fear


Powerful yet humble He is

Merciful to those who sin

To Him the Father is pleased

In times of trouble, it’s to him that I lean.


Unlike the earthly leaders

Who got servants and slaves

He treat us is sisters and brothers

He’s the one that truly saves.


He never thinks of himself first

But on pouring out his selfless love

Not minding the pain and the thirst

And now he’s guiding us from above.

-The Soliloquist