Why I Dislike Working in Upwork

Imagine this, I took a job for $6 (The job posting says the job is easy and will take only a few minutes for a week. I was after increasing my job success rate so I gave it a go. But then after I took the job for a few days, I realized it took more a few hours a day for 2 weeks)

upwork job post

And it’s a fixed rate of $6. Upwork gets a 20% cut, so that’s $4.80. When I was doing an $800 job, my pay after the fees go down to $640. Imagine that. Highway robbery! To think the job postings are not even beginner friendly.

Clients look for high rating freelancers, with 90% success rate that is not even easy to earn. But sadly the rates are even so low (because we are Filipinos or Indians or whatever). They want premium quality output but not even willing to pay for a stellar job!

So yeah, here’s the biggest catch. When I was about to claim my $4.80 ($6 with 20% cut) from Upwork. This happened. Paypal would take $2 for the transaction and I was like, Wait, WHAT? It’s my first time taking a project-based or fixed rate work. This $2 fee from PayPal works for $200 pay. But $4.80? Are you serious, Upwork / Paypal ?


Imagine $6 (minus 20%) becomes $4.80 (minus Paypal transaction fee of $2) = $2.80

$2.80 is what’s left of my pay for a job that took over 15 hours to finish.


Someday, there will be an amazing freelancing platform that is friendly for Filipino Freelancers, without this 20% cut, and without charging remote clients hefty fees to post a job!

When self talk get silly,

Carla Aberion| Content Marketer | The Soliloquist