Once Upon a Time, I Lived Happily Ever After

As a kid,
I believed in fairytales.
In Once Upon a Times
and Happily Ever Afters.

But after I got my knees bruised
And overcome puberty blues
I learned you can’t make good poetry
Without getting your heart abused.

(LOL! Bad poetry. Bad poetry. No wait, this isn’t even poetry. Just finish it, so you can shut it up. 😂😂😂)

But then I grew up,
So it’s Once upon a time,
I handed my heart over
To several wrong people
And that is okay
Because Once upon a time
I learned, I loved, I gave it my all
I fall, I failed, I was on my knees
But it wasn’t the end I know
I cried, I prayed, I still believed
That magic happens, unexpectedly
I got up, I continued despite,
I smiled, I tried
And licked my wounds in silence
I made a note to self
That if Once upon a time,
Handing your heart over
Doesn’t make feel like a princess
That is okay
He may not be your prince yet
And it matters less if he ever come along or find you first or find you at all
Because it is when you know your worth and love yourself first,
That you’d live happily ever after.

-The Soliloquist


Universal Studios Singapore

November 2015


Prince From Far Far Away

I met a prince from far far away
In ways he know best, he makes my day
He is easy to miss and impossible to forget
Loving him with all of my heart I will never regret
This young man ran away from his kingdom
He had everything in the world except for freedom
He said he wanted to make his own choices
So his bag he packed and flew to places
Independence he sought and it is it he found
I realized 360 degrees his life turned around
I am definitely amazed how a pretty fortunate lad
Can have life’s simple things make him glad

Then I learned that his majesty’s heart is not yet whole
From its brokenness from not so long ago
Twas tortured by a silly princess who had taken its toll
She cheated on him so he decided to let her go

He have known from a friend that mine was broken twice
He was sorry and he said something really nice
If we believe in love it doesnt mean we are guillible
Its just that our happiness we love to enable

His plans I do not know and I cant dare ask
But with him my heart fell fast
He told me I am his dream and I cant seem to believe
That for me he shall return and never leave

And little does he know of how much I think of him
And how afraid I get when I think of losing him
How do I react when he tells me he misses me
It may seem Im ambitious but I do pray we are meant to be

He is to me a prince from far far away
And without him my heart will go astay
Because I believe him when he said I-L-Y
I can feel the butterflies in my tummy fly fly fly

It doesn’t matter how long Im willing to wait
They say its difficult but in us I have faith
Because I don’t need easy sweet Mr. I only need possible
And I’ve been told “love” makes impossible things possible