You Deserve More


-The Soliloquist


5 thoughts on “You Deserve More

  1. If God will always give you what you want? Will you still seek for him?

    If God will not test you? Will you learn to fight and call for His help if you think you cannot make it?

    He has a plan, always has a plan. It does not mean that you are suffering or struggling you will therefore conclude that this is not for me, I deserve better. Of course! God loves us! We deserve better! But He also want us to be stronger.

    Have you ever thought that what if you will get the same thing over and over again? Will you still have the guts to say that you dont deserve it?

    Only God gets what He deserve. We always missed look the things that we do not like but if you will look deeper, those are the things that you need in life, not to contemplate, but to equip yourself. Then you will understand what “deserve” is all about.

    Never complain on bad things coming, face it, fight it. You will never know what’s inside the chest not until you open it.


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