Rest Day

Being with you is something I look forward to
I count days, moons and hours till we meet again
When time comes, I fill my list with things to do
But lately I procrastinate due to the little rain

Should I write a song today or just hum an old one
I think I want to swim but the water is too cold
A movie with swords or psychos will indeed be fun
Or finish off that red-covered book marked with a fold

Try riding bus after bus till I’m completely lost
Then it would be exciting finding my way back
But soon I’ll be back on placing callers on hold
Heard your nail died today so I’ll wear something black

Just a day, indeed you made me feel rested
Few moments later, I’ll be excited logging in
I said that to sound a bit more motivated
When all I’m looking forward to is when “we’ll meet again”.

-The Soliloquist


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