Do you realize how helpless you made me feel
Do you think its love, can this be real?
Intense as it is, I am not happy about it
Scared that this love will take away my wit

I have just gotten back on track
After a jerk I made my heart crack
Wasn’t that person’s fault that I’m guillible
Who easily believe in fantasy and miracles

I might be wrong but to heart’s desire I won’t listen
This heart had been foolish which caused its own ruin
I can’t fall, I won’t allow myself to
Not to anyone, not to him, them, not to you

This is dumb, foolishness, I’m being irrational
I kept thinking about you and me, if its possible
Nonsense, were you serious about what you said
Could it be that you’ll be the man I’d wed

You should have just kept your silence
You admitting it, caused me nuisance
Out of the blue calls and sms I have sent
I have cried and whined to my close friends

You’re not the prince in fairy tales I must say
Not from a kingdom far far away,
No castles, nor stagecoaches or pretty capes
Yet when I see you, unintentionally I gape

Your imperfection only made you attractive
Bad boy image with drinks and cigarette
The sound of your laughter simply irresistible
I hate how you made me feel vulnerable

How can someone make me feel this way
This is madness, what else can I say?
I like you, I want you, I miss you
I need you, I L.. L.. I really really do.

-The Soliloquist



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