Note to Self: I Love Myself First

I am me.
I can change.
I will change.
But I will always be me.
I won’t be someone I am not.
To impress or to please.
To do things for show.
I won’t pretend because I love being myself.

No one else can be me,
If I chose to be someone else,
Who will do my part of the play?
My name the world may not remember,
My face so common people will mistaken for another
An ordinary human who only knows how to
Love, hope, laugh and dream,
Whatever may become of me,
it is best that I will be myself.

Loving oneself is essential to be loved.
If I’d say I love others more than I love myself.
I’d call myself a liar. One cannot give what one does not have.
I’d understand if one will claim one selfless because one is generous.
But isn’t ones generosity is brought about by ones love for self?
The feeling of giving and making others smile and happy,

the sound of a sincere “thank you” and the sight tears of joy,
doesn’t it bring one pleasure? It does, doesn’t it?
I may be to naive to talk to you about what real love is.
However, I’m quite sure and I declare.
One ought to love oneself first.
One ought to love oneself best.

My insanity I accept. I have mistaken.
I will go wrong again. I will forgive myself.
Be responsible with my actions. I will be honest.
I’m imperfect. Everyone is.
My flaws I will correct. My weakness I will strengthen.
If unable, I’ll still manage. I will accept things I cannot change.
My strenghts I will be make use. I will strive for improvement everyday.
In one way or another, I will remind myself that I am wonderful.
I am unique. I deserve an applause. I am loved.
Because I love myself first.

-The Soliloquist

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