When I Heard You Are Coming Back Home

The time I heard you were coming back home,

My heart skipped a beat, Wait. 2 beats. Fine.

Make it 3. Lubb-Dubb-Dubb. Beats-For-You.


I smiled. Then I realized I’d be seeing you.

Hey, is this true? Is it a crazy prank?

Joy rushed through my veins, going to my heart.


Then I forced the thought away. Away.

I do not want to expect. Yet I can’t not believe it.

It’s too good to be ignored. My face felt warm.


Can I be happy now? Or should i be scared?

What will I wear? Should I buy you a gift?

Will you hug or kiss me? Will you like me still?


The thought of it lingered on my mind since.

The rewinds of that moment I’ve always been imagining,

Kept spinning in my head, like a broken record.



-The Soliloquist

Photo from http://farm3.staticflickr.com
Photo from http://farm3.staticflickr.com

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