Requiting Your Love Is Only A Maybe

I do not intend to make you fall
Tried to be just a flower in the wall
Avoided clothes that will make one notice
A face like mine in a crowded office

But just in case I made you think
That you can get me by a wink
That with sweet lines I will believe
Or if attention will cause me relief

I’m afraid you got it all wrong
My heart is guarded with hard stone
I had it smashed again and again
So guillible, might even fall for an alien

Enough with romance and happy endings
More than once I thought that was happening
Yet now I know reality can be so cruel
I did not expect myself to be such a fool

I choose not to be stupid or risk it on the line
My heart I’d rather drown with liquor or cheap wine
If it means giving up happiness I’ll find other ways
To be happy about simple things in ordinary days

You might have come in an imperfect time
When I try to express hurt through rhymes
You might have fallen for my sweet smile
That you never thought behind it was a crime

A crime that someone I never thought will do
Lies and pretense I thought were all true
I do not want to believe on tales of love
I’ll let dreams and wishes fly like a dove

I safeguard myself from the possibility of falling
I choose not to give any guy that special feeling
Because I desire to be happy and be whole
Never want someone to be just a patch of a hole

If my friendliness you interpret wrongly
If my cheerfulness made you’re days lively
I hope you can accept my heartfelt sorry
Because requiting your love is only a maybe

-The Soliloquist

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