If You Love Someone, Let Go

Have you loved someone so much
That you tied your strings so attached
Gripped so hard, not even thin air can pass
You pray everyday that forever you’ll last

How many relationships did you give up?
Old friends you’ve refused to meet up
Siblings or cousins you say you miss
But you forget them with love’s single kiss

Potential relationships that might have bloom
You prevented from flourishing for you feel doom
Jealous and frightened that you might lose
Your sweetheart who add color to your heart’s hues

Things in life that previously made him smile
Like dancing or writing or website design
Did you support him on those things he loved
Made him feel you got his back, cheer him up?

Those seacrifices he is willing to make
For him to prove his love for you isn’t fake
He’d rather not do things that will make you upset
Not realizing giving up happiness will cause regret

Appreciate him for the things he’s good at
Not everyone has a gift on this or that
May it be beat box or making silly noises
Editing pictures with your faces’ cute poses

Learn to grove that can be fun with him
Fly a kite or play his games on a whim
Make songs that together you can sing
Be each other’s wind beneath wings

Enable each other’s desires and goals
Don’t tie him up with a leash in his soul
As ideal as it is, you can make it happen
Support him of the things he love doing

If he play with his friends or drink to socialize
Allow him to breathe, allow yourself to realize
That you are his love, his partner not his world
Give each other space to grow, live and whirl

If you truly love someone then let them go
Not to mean that relationship that took effort to grow
I intend, you let him do the things that makes him glow
Love him selflessly, make him Whoa Wow Woe!

-The Soliloquist

Photo from http://deanneleblanc.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/let_go.jpg
Photo from http://deanneleblanc.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/let_go.jpg

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