Behind The Smile Is A Broken Heart

I am broken, but no one has to know
Smile on my face, soon this pain has to go
I don’t want to feel it, I do best to divert
The tears into laughter that I try to convert

Cry a little later, got no time to weep
Strumming guitar strings as I hear my phone beep
I’m sorry for lately I know I’m boring
I try best to keep a conversation going

I’m now usually silent trying to keep myself busy
Keeping away from bed until I’m too tired and dizzy
Honestly I want to be alone with my thoughts
Cant explain how with hurt my heart is fraught

Even if I try to hide my eyes would show my heart
I’m now usually asked as to why I look like my heart is apart
Perhaps I often stare blankly now, hope this I can control
I’m not good at anything but I loved you with my all

I am broken, only to myself will I admit
Can’t bear if anyone else call me dimwit
Not an expert in pretense but this pain I will deny
For a silly, beautiful fantasy that I know now is a lie

-The Soliloquist

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