A Lesson From Boss Jun Sabas

Early morning walks are one of things I enjoy. Just before the sun finally crawls up to bring light, hope and new beginnings. The scent of the grass after a little shower, the sun taking a peek, the flow of people on their way to work, school or their lovely homes, the chance to be alone with your thoughts-plans, events, people, ideas- are things I enjoy through these walks. After an interactive 9 hour shift, I finally get to daydream. Yet today, I appreciated the clouds a bit. They reminded me of how swift things can change. That thought made me want to freeze them. Knowing I can’t, I walked heads down.

I am disheartened. It’s not that bad. It’s just a change that happens every now and then. But no matter how ordinary this change is to some people, it is to me heartbreaking. 😥

At first I didn’t even know who he was. Not his name. Not his position. Most of us didn’t. Perhaps he is one of the trainers who came to visit the production floor during his free time. Some of my workmates even thought he was an FS. [For call center virgins: A floor support is a senior who have answers to your queries, an expert in troubleshooting and someone who is knowledgeable about the processes. This is a position higher than an agent yet lowers than a Team Lead.] I rode his car first, threw back jokes at him first, annoyed him with a styrofoam’s squeaking sound first, before I knew he is our big boss. Our Operations Manager.

I was surprised as our seniors regard him as “boss” in a karaoke session. What the?! It wasn’t just me though; he was cool and relaxed unlike the usual intimidating bosses. He is approachable with his big bang smile and silly ready-to-ridicule facial expressions. At times, he greeted me first. Isn’t that cool? When your boss regard you as someone, a part of a team you consider a family, calls you your name. That is pretty awesome to me. Regardless if he calls me something like “bully,” little does he know I hear “pretty.” HAHA! Kidding aside, that’s okay because it gives me the hint that it’s all right to bully him back. The boss of bullies.

4 hours ago, we were told that he’d be transferred to a different account, a different line of business. I didn’t expect a change like that to happen. I was saddened. Sad is an understatement. But I don’t want to use big words. It would make me feel worse than what I’m feeling now. Okay, I can say my heart is cracked. Like the icon in the QC chat room some workmates posted earlier, that icon boss posted first, that icon I posted too is how I’m feeling since I heard the news. Heart cracked into two.

Aside from the professional relationship at work, the usual team meetings, recursive sessions, one on one call listening and coaching activities, we, his subordinates have each built a relationship with him. I had my small yet memorable share of this. We’ve exchanged greetings, half-meant bully jokes, laughter and childish facial expressions. We’ve had few drinks together. Oh, mine was, they had more. He had seen me cry over a stupid love song. We sang songs of different varieties from Salbakuta to Bon Jovi. He had lead an action song of the old boy band music “Get down” he initially called “action dance” which made us look like fools yet it was so fun. I’ve known he is an electric engineer by profession when I told him not to touch the freaking light bulb with his wet hands. Of course he stubbornly shooed me away with his “I’ve done this all my life statements. “Once, I’ve told him that they have had enough drinks yet he told me, “What can I do? I can’t ran out of cash to buy some more?” HAHA! Braggart.

This braggart, have once opened his heart to me. His experience. His perception. Some of his plans. As fun as this man is, he also is so deep, very intelligent, hardworking and talented. Yeah, simply amazing. Oh don’t be so overwhelmed, he is not that good. XD Not just good. Better than, uhmm.. Better than better. Best is an exaggeration. ^_~

These are two of the things I have learned from that conversation.

1. How to make a good pesto. Cook the pasta. Drain. Add the ready-made pesto sauce. Serve while hot.

2. This man does not believe he is blessed. As much as I disagree, I will explain his side of this.

As he had narrated an excerpt of his life story to me, I told him “you are blessed.” It was out the ordinary, it was like the ones you’d see in the movies. A brave young lad who made his way into college through his hardwork. Everything in between that I’m not sure I can disclose. So, he got a job, worked his way up, got promoted as a TL in his early twenties. If my memory serves me right. XD He told me that it wasn’t easy. He expected the worst and did his best. He robbed himself of sleep, worked more than the usual working hours, come early, left late, and went extra miles to achieve what he had. It wasn’t blessed. It wasn’t something he prayed overnight for. It was months, years of hardwork. It wasn’t given to him in a silver platter, he earned it, and he worked his ass off for it. So things that he has now, things that he had achieved and those that he will have, he deserves all of them. Not because he is blessed, but because he made himself worthy of those things.

True. I have realized that some people, due to overspiritualism, tend to do less. Much prayer, less actions. This shouldn’t be the case. I’m not saying we should pray less, we should just do more. For destiny is a choice. Fate is a result of our actions. We are the captain of our lives. So we ought to be responsible for our own shipwrecks.

My point of him being blessed though was that despite of all the trials he had experienced, he had gone through all those things and he is successful. Some people, worked so hard too. He had claimed, perhaps they did not work as hard as him, to this I disagree. There are lots of people who worked hard, yet circumstances were not as favorable to them as it was to him.

He still doesn’t believe he is blessed. He viewed blessing as something that is given instead of earned.

I believe in higher being and things beyond my control. I see blessing as something that we earn when we use what we are blessed with. I still believe he is blessed and he will be because he deserves to be blessed, because he does more and because he uses what he is blessed with.

I’ve realized though that I am so blessed that once in this lifetime I have met this fun-easygoing-bully-braggart who in way or another have touched my life. It may not be so often that we’d talk or see or hear from each other, but I am blessed. I’ve always been. Thank you for being one of my blessings Jun-Jun. Yeah? I wouldn’t have met you if I didn’t get this job. There are other people who applied and would have deserved this job as well. But circumstances were in favor of me. XD

Just a few times have I talked seriously with this bully

Unlike what I thought bosses are, he is so fun and crazy

Never have I thought someone like him can cook

Every time I see him I think “he is a cool folk”

Regardless of his designation, to him you can be comfortable

I won’t hesitate saying “hi” because he is approachable

Even if you have to leave, we know we’d see you around



So keep a stiff upper lip, when times get tough don’t you frown

As we know things can only get better when they seem worse

Believe in yourself, you’ll get by with a smile, don’t curse

Awesome as you are, we don’t have a choice but to let you go

Superboss when we are sad, lets just think of Lando’s lost toe

[ peace CHUU! XD ]


Today, walking wasn’t the usual relaxing, mind de-stressing activity.

Walking wasn’t greeting people with smiles.

Walking wasn’t enjoying the morning breeze..

Walking wasn’t saying “Hello Mr. Sun!”

Walking today was simply,



moving forward..

-The Soliloquist

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3 thoughts on “A Lesson From Boss Jun Sabas

  1. I worked at a call center for Direct TV. I loved it. Put on the head phones, work, take off the head phones go home. Demanding but I left it at work at the end of each shift. I loved the first paragraph because for 2 decades I ran in the mornings before sun up. Loved it! And according to this post I can cook! Who knew?


    1. Hahaha!! Working in a BPO company is fun, the nature of the work can be stressful yet the people you work with can make the experience really fantastic. Yeah,it’s the kind of work you can forget after the shift. Unlike teaching or whatever profession that requires you to work at home. HAHAHA! Thank you. I never thought I can cook too. XD


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