Making Us Happen

If this is a dream that soon I’ll wake up
Then I’ll gracefully rise but I wont give it up
Because I’ll wake up only to make it come true
For no one had my heart beat this wild but you

People might say that loving you is foolish
That only a genie in a bottle can grant my wishes
But never will I give you up for what they may say
For my love for you only gets stronger day by day

And if love dies and your heart would lie in a coffin
I’ll buy ingredients and bake great muffins
For I’m sure you’d rather have me keep it
Who the hell would want their heart in a casket

Haha, that joke is too corny, Im trying to be funny
But I guess the outcome are words that’s so silly
Kidding aside may you take these words seriously
I love you more than you can ever even imagine, yes really!

If times get difficult stand by me
Lets work hand in hand baby fight with me
We will hide if we must and run if we can
I got your back, you got mine, lets do this as planned

And if plan A doesnt work
The english alphabet has 26 more characters
Lets do Plan B, C til Z with lurk and a smirk
If we fail, we shall plan another

Giving you up is never in the option
I’m lost in a trance of your magical potion
Because I’m desperate of your love that I’m willing to wait
We can make it happen, we decide for out fate

-The Soliloquist

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