I said nothing to stop you go
You want your freedom that’s all I know
I’m perplexed on why do you have to leave me
I need you baby can’t you see?

I smile but deep inside I’m dying
I want to show you I can go on living
But I’m deeply hurt that you bid me goodbye
Were the sweet words all lies?

How can you do this when you promised me forever
That you’ll always stay and leave me never
I never thought this pain could be possible
Am I worthy of this ache so undesirable?

You were my source of strength when I was on my knees
When I was troubled you gave me peace
An inspiration that’s what you are
Yet now my dear, you’ve gone so far

I want you to know that to me you mean so much
To the extent that my worries would drain in a single touch
But goodbye is what I get with what I give
Its so unfair and this would take time to forgive.

And just I case you want me back
Be so sure you’ll fill what you lack
But that seem close to never
And this pain I bet is forever.

-The Soliloquist

Photo from http://9images.blogspot.com

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