Recipient Of My Love


As my eyes open when morning came,
I can’t think of reasons or of who to blame,
Of why have I loved you as much as this,
You own the whole of my heart, not just a piece.

Knowing that too much of everything is bad,
I did something that made me feel sad.
I tried avoiding you for quite sometime,
But I end up missing you all the time.

I didn’t mean to feel this way.
And upon realizing that this is true,
Never did I pray that you’ll feel the same way too.
‘Coz what I said was “I LOVE YOU” not “LOVE ME TOO”.

But if your heart will learn to love a ME
It isn’t only then that I would truly be happy.
Forever thankful that someone who seem to be everything,
Had looked down and loved someone who seems nothing.

I never do know if this is wrong or right,
But I want you to know that I’m never giving up the fight.
Because if having you for a lifetime is what I’ll get,
I’ll fight for this love even after my 9th life’s death.

This may sound extremely corny as it is,
The world might even mock at me for this,
But that would be something for me to be proud of,
Since you’re the recipient of my LOVE

-The Soliloquist

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