Not Forever

Will you ever know?
That I love you from head to toe?
I loved you since before.
And now, I love you even more.

You fill in my emptiness,
And I meet happiness.
You brought me joy each day
Never thought you’d come my way

Not knowing you’re already taken
By somebody who’s good at fakin’
She would only make you cry
And after hug you goodbye.

Don’t worry coz I’m here
There’s nothing for you to fear.
Though I’m not the one you need,
I won’t leave you weeping like a kid.

You’re someone I really love
But somebody I never could have.
When will this feeling be over?
Hoping this isn’t forever.

-The Soliloquist

Not for Love. Nor for Pain.
Photo from

Not for LOVE. Nor for PAIN.


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