Motherhood: The Most Difficult Profession (For Mothers’ Day)

If you may be asked, what for you is the most difficult profession in the world? What kind of job requires the greatest deal of effort? The type that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year, 365 days a year isn’t just enough to get everything done? My answer to that question is MOTHERHOOD


In Mindy Greenstein, Ph.D.’s article about “Motherhood: The Invisible Profession”, she said “‘The hardest job I’ve ever had is being a mother.” She is a psychologist who have worked with drug dealers, gang leaders and heroine abusers. She have indicated that it also is the most gratifying. Yet there isn’t a concrete proof to show they did well. They don’t get credits or salary increase for it. Most of the time, they don’t get paid for it. They can’t brag it their resumes or get a plaque of appreciation for all their efforts. They work at wee hours at night getting chores done and wake up early to have breakfast ready. However awesome it may feel with a mother’s love is reciprocated, usually, it isn’t. And I’m guilty of it.


I could say being a good father is way easy than being good mother. All it takes for a man to be called responsible is to work an 8-12 hour shift in 5-6 days a week. It may vary and that it gets frustrating when all that is left from your pay is a fare for a cab and food when you’re working. They might not get to buy a new pair of shoes, the latest gadgets or a decent looking car they been longing for years. For they have stomachs to feed and utility bills to pay among others. But hey, when a man is this responsible, the world will adore him for it. What a good father he is.


So what does it take to be called a good mother? Lets skip the 9 months drama and labor pains. Lets just have a run thru on waking up in the middle of night to tend to a hungry infant, the sheets they have to change and wash when we were incapable of controlling our bladders yet, costly milk they have to prepare in the middle of the night, when we are sick and they don’t get to sleep, waking up early to get us ready for school, school meetings and events that we get upset if they can’t attend, when we pick a fight or when our grades are below average and they get called for a lecture at the school office, and everyday they think of a menu to keep up with our appetite. And how often have we said “thanks ma!” Not everyday, isn’t it?


As difficult it is to rear an infant, a toddler to childhood, teenagers are the most difficult to handle. Teenagers demand, talk back, sneak out and get into secret forbidden relationships. We’ve went home late and refuse to do our share in the chores.  We played deaf, blind, cripple and dumb. We don’t listen to what they say. We ignore them when we are mad. We spend hours in front of the TV or PC. We don’t follow instructions and advises. We’ve been manipulative and we choose to be with our friends and that’s part of growing up but still, its HEADACHE. Well, we should be glad, motherhood is a profession without a contract, without an expiration, without a need for renewal and not a million fight can change the fact that our mothers, are our mothers forever.


Even we don’t verbalize sorry, we’d be forgiven. Even if we disobey often, we’d be loved. We don’t have to ask, they know what we need. They work hard to get us our wants. Their hearts break when we cry. They hide their tears when we upset them. They nag and nag and nag when they only mean to say “I love you.” They only want the best for us. And most of the time, mothers do know best. It’s cliche but we don’t have to wait for the time we’d say, I should have listened to you. 


Truth be told, it requires more than a working mom who tries best to run a household to be great mom. It takes more than a stay-at-home mom who does her best to finish the chores and do budgeting while making sure her children are safe home before she sleep in her bed. It needs a great deal of patience, consideration, love and understanding to be a great mom. A lot is expected. Yet, so little gratitude is given. But have we thought of what it takes to be great daughters and sons? Who are we by the way without our moms? We never would have existed.


A mom is friend. A friend who would love us no matter what would become of us. A mom ought to told “I love you.” More often than we tell our girlfriends and boyfriends. A mom is an irreplaceable gift we ought to love, take care and be grateful about.


To you, please hug your mom for me. For I wouldn’t have known someone as awesome as you are if not for her. Make her happy today. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO YOUR MOM!


To all MOTHERS, especially to the mothers that I personally knew. My aunts and grandmoms and cousins-in-law and friends and workmates. To the mothers of my great friends. I’ll name a few awesome moms:


Joyce Aberion                    Librada Aberion                     Catalina Batumalake

Lola Helen                         Ethyl Castro                            Rizza San-Augustin

Carmelita Ouano               Marysol Cacciata                    Liza Batumalake (of course)

Teresita Aberion                Emily Aberion                        Mellisa Hayo-Aberion

Neneng Aberion                 Lot-Lot Agravante                  Alice Ouano

Merlita Cator                     Lani Batumalake                    Ionne Villagonzalo

Ella Aberion                      Abigial Aberion                      Josie Alimagno

Germelina Marikit               Edwina Figarum                   Janett Ybanez

Judy Vasquez                     Elizabeth Abella                   Jonnette Labrador

Sam Polo-Dumaog              Rose Gier                               Grace Tecling

Gwen Ando                         Kitine Gelacio                          Mrs. Villar

 Mrs. Beaniza                       Mrs. Caramba                         Mrs. Dahino

 Mrs. Samson                      Grace Aberion                         Baby Pangahin

Mrs. Perpetua                     Zenaida Amamangpang       Mrs. Aparece

Mrs.Rivera                           Carmen Ang                            Mrs. Concepcion

Mrs. Ang                              Mrs. “Amma” Ang                   Mrs. Abdulla

Mrs. Beltran                        Mrs. Amodia                            Mrs. Almonte        

Elda Cadampong               Marites Daculiat                        Elizabeth Abella

Kitine Gelacio                            Maricar Catalan                                Joje Cardones

Babette Mendoza                     Joy Tagud                                           Monalee Rosal

Mrs. Dimalaluan                      Mrs. Gadianne                                   Dianne Boiser

Lizette Mendoza

Olive Llordier

Miraflor Yagao

Jade Carumba Labuntog

Vilma Diez


Thank you for being a mom. Thank you for raising your children the best way you knew. You are loved. Though we, children, don’t express that everyday. I salute you for patience. For the love and support you have for your children. For the  beauty that will never fade with age, with that you are promised. You are beautiful, because you are a mother. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


To my godmother, Rizza San Augustin,  Click here Mommy Rizza to reveal my message.


To my 2nd Mom, Mommy Ethyl Castro.  Click here to Mommy reveal my message.


To my biological and beautiful Mama Joyce Aberion, Click here Mama to read my message.


Thank you for reading!

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    1. Thank you! I don’t mind. Hehe. I would not be surprised. Most of us, if not everyone has been daughters and sons of cool, responsible parents. There are a lot of people who will agree with this composition because it really is difficult to be a mother. I got the idea about this though from a Filipino movie from years past about a mom struggling for her children’s respect and appreciation. Thanks for visiting. It means a lot.


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    1. I do not mind. Thank you for the tip! I venture on topics I know something about. Or those ideas scatter in my head. Hehe. I write to express. I will learn as I go and read more so I may write about something new and interesting. Thanks for dropping by.


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    1. I am delighted by this note of appreciation. Thank You! It means a lot! I just want mothers to feel a bit if not much special that day. Because they just deserve a grateful greeting.

      God speed!


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