Get Out

You don’t want to see my face that’s what I heard
It was so sudden and you flew like a bird
My heart ache and tears roll down my cheeks
Can’t find the tool to make the broke -> fix

You made me think what I should not
And now I hate myself for that
Unsatisfied is the feeling isn’t it?
Despite everything I did, I can never be worth it.

Your love is like gold but I am a trash
Not even worth some petty cash
I’m such a dupe that I believed on happiness
Only fairy tales can turn a frog into a princess

I once told myself to stop dreaming
I once was hurt because I allowed a feeling
The one that feels like heaven at the beginning
Yet falls into a terrible ending

But then you came along and so I thought
Happiness is a right so for it I fought
I enjoyed the game for victory I thought was mine
But I end up striving to be fine

Heartbreak again obfuscate my days
Heartache it is that saddens my face
It worries me now upon knowing that the cure
Is the same person who caused the pain so difficult to endure

I’m on my sheets as I cry myself to sleep
Trying hard to put away the hurt that’s so deep
I’ll soon end these self-pity, self-destructive depression
But for now, let me feel and cry till my tears have mended my heart’s lesion

-The Soliloquist

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