Don’t Make Me Leave

I thought I’m going to lose you today

You said I’d only be hurt then you pushed me away

After all we talked about, you’ll just quit?

Did you forget that you and I are the perfect fit?


You told me I’d better be with your friend

And that my happiness is what you intend

But I just don’t understand why you said that in spite

You’re giving me up without a god damn fight.


Your judgment is deliberately wrong

But then I thought I’d just ride along

Because I abhor hearing you speak in intense worry

That we can never be, but you know, I’m in no hurry


I can and I will wait for you

No matter what it is that you have to do

I understand your responsibilities

Remember, I will support you will all these.


I cried with confusion with what you said

First you were insensitively pushing me away

Then cried that without me you’d rather be dead

Now do you want me to stay?


Everyone was worried about you

You were crying hard and I didn’t know what to do

So I said “Shall we try to make this work?”

Then you answered “Please stay” with a smirk.


Of course I want to be with your forever

I didn’t even think about leaving ever

My thoughts are with you and I hope you’d believe

That being your princess makes me very pleased.


So I am asking you my prince please

To be the love that won’t make me leave

I won’t allow you to be “the one that got away”

But if you go, I’ll love you with all that I am anyway.


This poem is inspired by someone I didn’t want to lose.

Someone precious to me.

But fantasies never last.


-The Soliloquist

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Photo from

Composed on September 30, 2012

Edited and Finalized October 6, 2012


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